What Do Senior Cops Do?

“During the course of these incidents and our investigation Nottinghamshire Police
has been subject to an intense period of change and scrutiny. We have been reassured
by the force that lessons will be learned on this occasion and I hope, for
the sake of those who need the police’s help, this truly is the case this time.”

The above is flannel from someone paid a lot of money to be an IPCC commissioner.  It’s schoolgirl stuff, typical of a game of doctors and nurses rather than the tough action of a world with real consequences.

The report it’s from contains no references to any Nottinghamshire senior officers.  One wonders what these officers get paid for.  The absence from the report is such that I would consider sacking them all.  In the absence of any report to the Home Secretary asking for more power to deal with such ‘invisible man’ corruption, the IPCC Commissioner should go to, instead iof making such vapid statements as above.

Across the board we see senior figures taking gazumped salaries, bonuses and having no clue when things go wrong on their watch.  In this case I can’t even find mention of anyone above the rank of sergeant.  Police inspectors are paid more than university lecturers these days – what for?  We know the IPCC is a shambles that couldn’t investigate its way out of a paper bag and can’t see how pathetic and biased it is, but what on earth has it done here?  Sure the Plods have behaved just as any victim still living would expect – like a bunch on incompetents – but this went on and on and on with no supervision stepping in to sort it out.  There is no investigation into what matters, only some puny attempt to find scapegoats at the bottom.

These domestic violence come “neighbour dispute” cases are often more difficult than murder enquiries yet the most inexperienced cops are dispatched to deal with them.  I had not only no training to deal with them but operated in a cynical culture concerning them.  As far as I can find now, this situation pertains, though high-level rhetoric has changed, paralleling political correctness.  Untrained, inexperienced cops are being sent into situations with little power to resolve them and every encouragement to write them off so they can get to the next job.  A case of no real change in 30 years and perhaps even a worsening despite new rhetoric.

This case should have gone down the route of ‘Williams is a dangerous bastard Boss, I need help to sort it out’.  The IPCC never get to the question of why this didn’t happen. Underlying this is the widespread understanding in police ranks that victims like the woman concerned don’t matter.  The cops on the ground blundered – but frankly almost anyone would.  Some of them lied or were totally incompetent on vital evidence too – but don’t con yourself that you wouldn’t have – they were acting as expected.

So where were the senior officers who trashed the useless domestic violence policy and didn’t replace it for 18 months and where were those who should have picked up on this long-running case?  What does a senior cop do?  The only obvious answer is that they stay away from any flying shit that might stick to them and they cloak themselves in invisibility and take high salaries for little evident work or accountability.  In this case the accountability appears to be to another highly paid IPCC slacker whose rap on the knuckles is to “hope” they learn the lessons they didn’t learn, as promised,last time.  This is like the hope of the mother of a teenage recidivist.

We need to stop seeing matters like this a police problems needing external review through feeble bodies like the IPCC – this route of what is really self-regulation (for many reasons the “independent” is a con) is failing everywhere from banking to government.  The IPCC has merely found what a decent sergeant or inspector should have been on top of in routine supervision.  This is key – if the supervision didn’t find this case in time how many more are going bad under their watch?  This one only came to light because of a death – dead victims have more ‘rights’ than living ones.

Decent senior cops doing what they are paid for would be finding these cases before the deaths and where there aren’t such final consequences.  They should also be pressing for such matters to be out of police hands at an early stage for resolution.  Instead they let victims live in fear and blame it all on the evil poor like Gadget.  Gadget is right on much of what goes on, but hapless on solution.  This is for the worst of reasons and amounts to giving up to the current situation in which many have to live with the consequences of “policing failure” – a failure which is much more generally systemic and buries the real problem.  That the IPCC has replaced what should be routine supervision suggests our senior cops are obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception just by turning up at work, and that IPCC management is puny.

We have seen recently that half of the complaints made against teachers are malicious or groundless.  I would have expected a higher figure and would in complaints against police. Standards in both organisations have been dropping for years and this is the case across our society.  Nurses chat idly as patients need care, doctors strike patients off for having the effrontery to complain.  I suspect a widespread collapse in responsible supervision.  As an academic I could once advise good students to get to an appropriate university.  Now this advice would probably be a discipline breach if it was to advise on a different university than the one I teach in, despite the advice being in the interests of the individual.  The relation to the public we serve has gone.

I believe senior cops are:

1.no longer cops

2. overpaid

3. self-serving mortgage serfs

4. bureaucrats charged to cover-up serious failings

5. take no responsibility that matters

6. need the cost-saving knife.

I would welcome an explanation of what they do.  I can find none in any IPCC report and plenty of evidence they preside over a system that fails us more than it helps.



6 thoughts on “What Do Senior Cops Do?

  1. A small number of seriously promoted cops lead major enquiries. Hard to tell who is good or bad until you work for them. The old level of supervision by the sergeants and inspectors of your days is gone. Response is generally incapable of investigation, but if the job can’t attract a serious label they have nowhere to shovel it off. I go to jobs where the victims have been told it might be better not to make complaints because we can’t protect them and no attempt has been made to even start collecting obvious evidence. If you report this to their shift managers (usually inspectors) they are more likely to mix you a bottle than put things square. Senior cops mostly do nothing that doesn’t fit with some promotion prospects and that is never about basic failings and putting them right. Thanks for the invite to that uni bash. I feel less put off the idea of an academic job now.

  2. Im sooo pleased you wrote this post because I need to vent my anger and frustration after listening to the ‘I’PCC take the moral high ground and publicly condemn and criticise police failings.
    I have had more than enough involvement with the ‘I’pcc to see an organisation which is unfit for purpose and failing to ensure police accountability. The ‘I’PCC are ultimately responsible for police failings by consistently failing to address piss poor police performance and allowing the ‘service’ to deteriorate due to inaction and unaccountability. Senior officers are not subject to accountability. I have made many complaints against ACPOO officers which have all resulted in dispensation. On one occasion, the ‘I’PCC granted a dispensation on the basis that if my complaint was upheld it may cause embarrassment to the CC.

    • It’s difficult ground Mrs Mop – you get the ‘I’ bit right. There are a lot of malicious complaints *(as with teachers) – but they are using this to apprehend all complaints as such. ACPOO – strangely never thought of that one!
      The IPCC has long rid itself of anyone who might have changed things.

  3. 7. Determined to do whatever is necessary (irrespective of the morality of their actions) to deflect criticism of ‘the organisation’; up to and including the identification of a suitably dispensible junior officer.

    8. Once the (low-level) dupe has been identified, abandon them to the mob as the required ‘head-on-a-stick’.

  4. I remember reading a particularly noxious example from the 60s in Sheffield Henry. I suspect we get only negative value from this managerial class, though I know some exceptions.

  5. In 30 years I can honestly say that police officers of the rank of inspector or above that I would be prepared to follow with confidence out of the trenches add up to …2… Both Inspectors of the old school that accepted everyone makes mistakes, that total honestly led to support and anything less disgrace. Both these men took on responsibility for those under them and they never sought to better themselves at anothers expense. They knew exacyly what was happening on their shifts and took personal pride in the role.
    Sadly the others could never be trusted and as a result were simply unapproachable, any weakness or minor error they saw as a promotion opportunity….and took it.
    They really only had the ‘corporate image’ in their view and targets were the be all and end all a mantra that permeated their very souls. They always sought out the dark places at HQ. Tells you everything really.

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