How Do We Crack Selfish Indolence?

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) claims to be the major player in global strategic issues.  Students may remember their portfolio management scheme of stars, cash cows, dogs and question marks.  You can get a short paper from them at the link above that summarises the economic stuff going on across the world and may help disabuse thoughts that QE2 is about shipping and so on.  They clearly don’t believe any of the IMF Bankster dross politicians use to pretend they do anything in our interests and there is a clear statement governments are not really facing up to the problem at all.

Most people don’t pay any attention to economics or politics other than to protect their own lives from them.  It’s dull, bent and mostly demeaning because we can do so little about it.  I suspect we vote only to vote out governments that have become regal and smug.  In the meantime all our governments have been in league with massive debt creation involving banks and investment wizards who have sold out our interests to make fast bucks.

The financial crooks tell us they worked hard and deserve their massive bonuses.  This was always a lie – but now they claim it when it must be obvious to all they were always getting it wrong and their performance has been huge negative. We’ve been suckered and are allowing this to continue.

One of the ways we sucker ourselves is to blame welfare scroungers and so on.  I suspect this is really just a case of indulging our own selfish indolence towards politics.  I don’t approve of free-riding but the BCG material clearly demonstrates the big problem free-riders are rich, not poor.

We are tranced by gossip and have almost no ability t do the hard yards of argument.  We let all kinds of bad practices, from arse-licking at work for promotions not needed in already stuffed hierarchies to feckless policing of riff-raff form the basis of our day to day. We look after our own and in the meantime ‘we’ have mounted massive debts and let a bunch of spivs run off with out harvests year on year.  Some of still believe they keep the Jabberwock away!  We’ve been sold out to a foreign power as surely as any of the Soviet spies managed.  If you can cope,read up – I know most of you can’t face the music, wake up and smell the coffee – but some of us have to try and save freedom.

I believe the rich have prevented:

1. a world without war

2. working conditions that would equate to 6 months a year at work

3. a fairly crime free society

4.advanced leisure and health facilities

5.meaningful education for all

6. eradication of material poverty

7. sensible global population control

8. self-sustaining economic practices

I’d contend we could have had this now if it wasn’t for the rich – not in the future.  If you could read the BCG report you’d see they not only intend debt peonage for us through stealing our past opportunities, but through stealing from our futures to continue their infamy.  I suspect street revolution is closer to us than the Middle East.  ‘Intefresting times’ for cops ahead!

Cops, of course, tend to this selfish indolence towards economics and politics more than most.  That BCG and other generally right-wing ‘we’re only in it for the money’ organisations police usually protect as the status quo are admitting what the “anarchist left” has been posturing for over a century and sounds like the old religious argument ‘property is theft’ (did Christ own the clothes he wore etc?).  We are close to being back to the General Strike with cops strung out on the ‘wrong side’ of the lines.

A police commissioner can now ‘earn’ more in a couple of years than a lifetime of minimum wage toil.  This is worse than a farce.  The BCG story is one of debt peonage for most to a system that allows this kind of madness.  I think of it as the San Paulo variation in which people accumulating wealth end up in walled cities, the rest in shanty towns.  Not one of these ‘men of honour/ladies of virtue’ have the morality necessary to recognise they aren’t in place and receiving this loot other than through merit.  What we currently have is one farce justified by another – of course Peter Fahey is worth more than Wayne Rooney in turn worth more than some thieving politician like Blair or all the banksters put together. This just elides none of them being worth more than a woman pushing a tea-trolley in any monetary multiple of more than five.  This is not just about ‘equality’ but rather returning to wages and away from debt (if you can’t see why then you lack education).  Easily accumulated wealth a money rather than social capital leads to serfdom, whether to a dictatorship or rich elite.

We have know for a long time now that embodied knowledge cuts the amount of human work necessary across agriculture and manufacturing – that is that nearly all traditional forms of work require less workers.  A modern 500 man fighting unit could take on an old Division of 7000 from WW2. What’s coming if we don’t start to get accountable governments is mass unemployment and poverty.  When this hits the middle class as it did in the Middle East we will hopefully hit the streets.  If we weren’t selfish and ignorant this wouldn’t be necessary.

Many unnecessary jobs have been created to stave off mass unemployment, along with a whole army of tax credit part-timers.  The economy is screwed and has been for two decades across the world.  Labour would cut £3K of student fees.  This is school politics.  The Tories believe (apparently) that deficit cutting is a good idea just as depression hits and debt swell as a percentage of GDP (logic failure).  Clegg and his bum boys are worse.  Labour produced Blair, a CIA bag man now placed in the related bankster union.  All we can know is they will say anything and are useless, more than usually self-interested turds.  We can’t even know whether Blair was already working for the ‘CIA-JP Morgan’ axis of evil whilst pretending to be our PM (or that Churchill was not a similar OSS-JP Morgan’ bad man).  We are more likely to do ‘conspiracy’ on anal probing aliens than on the propaganda fed us.

I shouldn’t care much on any of this – my flat in Portugal will be all the cheaper, my sterling pension likely to go further.  I care because we have let ourselves down so badly and been conned.  Did anyone else notice our looters often looked like people taking revenge?


2 thoughts on “How Do We Crack Selfish Indolence?

    • All the serious economics is saying governments are just playing for time. Our politicians are too weak to take the banks on. I fancy they’d prefer riots and won’t worry about broken police heads.

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