The Block To Sensible Democratic Dialogue

Want more cops making our streets ad homes safer?  I do.  We can’t have them.  Why?

Want a better NHS, more leisure facilities for our kids?  I do.  We can’t have them.  Why?

Want jobs available to everyone?

There’s no point in talking about any of this because we can’t have any of it.  Some people we call the rich get all of this for themselves and then say we can only afford what we get because of them.  The analogy seems to be they are an alien race who bring technology that we can’t make ourselves,  If they pack up and leave we go back to the Stone Age.

Business is my subject area and  I approve realistic costing, resource prediction and so on – you can’t get much done without it.  What I object to is the way we may as well just whistle Dixie if if discuss ways to prevent half our kids rotting in unemployment, or ways to get wage wealth in plenty of hands.  Theories of language almost all neglect the violent impact of dominant ideologies like economics.

Given that I want to see viable alternatives to colleges and universities for kids who are not likely to benefit from them and know there is plenty of resource to enable this, how can I lecture on the economics that prevents this and stay honest?  How can I deliver diversity courses to cops that I believe are based in some weird sublimation that considers them racist – something, incidentally, I might be doing in a university investing its alumni fund through a hedge fund illegally evicting African tenant farmers to make the land more profitable to sell for mineral exploitation?

I know, thankfully not that first hand, what Soviet Paradise was and to see this happening in obverse translation in the West is sickening.  Our language is now so insane that to talk of not necessarily armed service in a form of (say) international Service across the EU or all nations when we have massive unemployment, is ‘commie-talk’ or madly unfeasible.  Meanwhile UBS find a $2 million fraudster somehow standing out in the trillions of lost honesty!  Does anyone ever think what all this is doing to the millions the private sector can’t offer decent training and worthwhile work to?  People apparently even more useless than goons losing money hand-over-fist in deals that can do nothing other than sweat assets as a parasite might to keep itself warm.

Science once had to rid itself of all sorts of common sense, then academic, family and market Idols to make its advances – a change in language.  We need something similar.


1 thought on “The Block To Sensible Democratic Dialogue

  1. Dear Allcoppedout ,
    My name is Neville Evans and I am writing to you today, to ask your help in a small matter. I am a serving police officer and some time ago, I became very disillusioned with the job. When I joined there was a class of 22. Now there are only 8 left, in only ten years! Stress, unethical conduct, disillusionment etc. You know the reasons.
    I like you wanted to fight back and get those management gurus to listen and I also wanted to put pen to paper and help some of my struggling colleagues. I decided to write a detailed book about stress and morale issue’s on the frontline.
    I’ve sent extracts to middle and senior management across the country. More than 250 emails. Only three replied. Next week, I am in police review and I am not holding out much hope.
    Morale Matters – A police officers guide to reducing stress and improving morale in the workplace
    This book is detailed, thought provoking, research based, helpful and honest. It’s challenging also. You’re at the top of the tree and I would really like to send you a free copy of the book. For your comments. The book isn’t a whinge, but offers real solutions to this job.

    Please let me know, if you could help. I don’t have the support of a publisher as have self-published this book, unfortunately marketing is the hard part.

    Kindest regards
    Neville Evans

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