Slavery in Modern Britain

Some can only doff one’s hat in the direction of our cops when they pull off a raid that releases poor people from chronic treatment from travelers and its particularly find this going on.  One can only express admiration and wish it was stamped out across the globe – which sadly it isn’t.


3 thoughts on “Slavery in Modern Britain

    • A standard problem. If I’d been thinking quicker I’d have issued a bounty on the first psychologist to mention ‘Stockholm Syndrome’! We have exavtly been quick to realise we are victims of the banksters for that matter.

  1. Having been a slave I empathise with a reported reluctance to be freed which only arises through myopic self-views of captivity. Often at the instigation of lawyers, many happy ‘Stockholm’ men are destined to acquire freedom against their wishes through conveyor belt Compulsory Purchase Orders provided by Family Law Courts.

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