Home Office Riot Submission

It’s become obvious the vast majority of people involved in the recent riots are the kind of low life that make the lives of people living near them miserable – the kind who generally make people scared to leave their homes for fear of burglary, street hassle and other problems like noise and threats.

1. The major issue for people I’ve polled is the non-riot-time policing of these people.  Everyone is concerned that those caught rioting are getting the sentences they deserve, but that this is a far cry from what happens day-to-day – that is there is no problem with the riot sentences (with a few exceptions being dealt with on appeal) other than they are needed day-to-day too.  Many suffering from this group are offended their problems with them get inadequate help from the system.

2. There is a feeling (backed by economic numbers) that the problem is being made much worse because very little money is available to create needed jobs and non-academic education through work.  It is felt the social contract is broken on this and the rich need to contribute much more to put things ‘back to 1970’.  Many point out the answer is work-based and about lifting standards at the bottom through wages and work projects.  The notion that ‘we are all in this together’ is regarded with derision.

3. A modern form a National Service is approved by all, once understood this need not be military service.

4. More power to police in terms of bringing nuisance to an end by seizing music machines and issuing written warnings linked to eviction should the nuisance continue, and the exclusion of trouble-making families to curfewed trailer parks.

5. Community work projects to improve local areas and build homes, and more use of public buildings for local events run as part of community work projects.

6. Genuine work and good wages yo bring more liquid assets into communities instead of giving banks money – or possibly as terms or the continuation of bank support.

7. Instead of expanding prisons, consider trailer park schemes and disciplined work = make these bad families have to prove they are fit to return to normal life.  Focus these people together for effective policing and social work.  Take their influence away from other potentially vulnerable people.

8. Evaluate what is done outside of police and other agencies through local people given some academic help.  Bring community-minded academics in to help attract EU funding and set up innovative projects.  Help with match-funding for this.

9. Give police access needed to social networking and decent equipment to protect them – but also ensure genuine political protest and organisation is not their province.


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