Job as a World Bank Liar

I’m off for a couple of weeks to do some ‘blagger economics’ for a prestigious economic body.  I need the money.  This is the kind of stuff liars like Brown, Blair and Osborne claim to know about.  It’s not actually the World Bank this time – I really need the cash and don’t want to risk exposure.  It’s all a bit like sipping champagne and eating chocolate-dipped strawberries with ACPOs – not much chance of meeting anyone who hasn’t sold their soul to the Devil long ago or interested in anything that might help someone else.  With luck I’ll find a ‘Foucauldian accountant’ with a spreadsheet that proves we can cure world poverty with a penny in the pound increase in tax of some kind.  I’m doing a paper on the economics of corporate social responsibility and taking part in a working group on bank insolvency (oops! I mean liquidity).  My ruse (apart from the cash) is to study the enemy in its lair.  It’s all a bit like ACPOs discussing community policing or the reorganisation needed because of ‘cuts’ – the participants won’t do any of what’s under discussion and certainly won’t think of cutting their own jobs.  I want to see if the people really believe any of the crap they come out with and who can spot my paper as a spoof.  Sad times – I really would prefer to do some community work like painting an old neighbours house.

My friend Francis posted the following and it will hopefully ring in my head in the more painful stages of the conference.  This way I’ll be able to afford the paint.


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