‘War Criminal’ Blair On Britain’s Woes


I joined the Labour Party to vote for Blair believing we had to reverse the clown non-industrial policy of the people behind Thatcher.  Within 12 months I came to see him as Thatcher in drag.  The Observer have given him nearly a whole page today on the riots, which he turns into ‘how everything would have been all right if only we hadn’t thrown him out’.  It’s sickening reading.

The money Britain needed to become a modern nation making things and developing self-sustainability has been lost to the banksters.  They have invested in China, India and Indonesia and lost our wealth in Ponzi schemes and their own accumulations abroad.  What strikes me in Blair’s vile article is the way he presents police as needing political support to deal with the riots.  Frankly, if our cops have slid so far down the tubes as to think we would not support them in sorting out these rioters, we’re in a bigger mess than I think.  None of the policing needed has anything to do with public order in the sense of political protest.

Blair’s analysis is ninth rate and one has to wonder why the Observer chose to print such self-serving trash from a man who ‘led’ us into an illegal war which has probably killed over a million (why do we still not know for sure?) on the basis of hapless intelligence?  Mandelson, one of his vile cronies is now buying a massive mansion with no visible means of support.  Our austerity police force still has its own tailors to ensure the ACPO-in-chief is resplendent in made to measure.  We’re all in this together!

Real UK unemployment is at 7.9 million if we count economically inactive people between 16 and 64.  The austerity cuts will bite in the next 18 months and I can see no reason to believe bloated claims about a private sector revival.  There are deep questions about just how unsafe our banks and involvement in a variety of scams around the world make any predictions.  Money is doubted everywhere and inflation for most households is running at 20 – 40% depending on how poor you are.

The lid is likely to come off through the ‘discovery’ of widespread false-accounting of assets that are really liabilities in local government accounts across southern Europe (and China).  All the lying banks have been doing concerning their own business in ‘insuring’ all this using Sooty’s Magic Wand ‘mathematics’ may mean that the bail outs have been to no avail.  My own view is we should have let them fail and gone to public works jobs instead of the quantitative easing that’s probably been buying toxic assets through more bankster bonus creating transactions.  The banks have almost certainly been using our cash to unload their dross.

The question that arises in all this is the extent to which it could ever have made sense to keep so many of our people unemployed, partially employed and generally without much ability to become self-sufficient in order to make rich people vastly richer.  That this has happened is undeniable – the only argument is whether it ever made any economic sense.  The very policies that piss-ants like Thatcher and Blair followed were bound to lead to this and it started as long ago as 1965.  We were all on LSD then, if you remember!  240 pence in the pound – if you’d kept the coins they would be worth more as scrap now than putting them in a savings account to earn interest.  What kind of economics is it that doesn’t allow us to have people in work doing jobs, like coppering, that need doing?  For that matter, who is frightened of full employment?  We haven’t had it since around 1970.

Much as I can despise our youth and evil poor on occasion, I don’t really believe they wouldn’t work if the work was available and reasonably dignified.  Most of our social problems now are there because we have failed to provide genuine job opportunities and re-adjust what work is about under modern conditions and productivity.

Blair quite obviously lied to us about taking our soldiers into an unnecessary war and killing untold numbers in our name.  He presided over a government that did squat on our social problems other than make them worse.  Yet the Observer gives him space?  I suspect the real enemies have been much closer to home.  We haven’t learned what modern life should be about and have left ourselves in the hands of clapped-out economics and the organised crimes of the rich.  I doubt we are any more civilized than between the wars.  Sure I’d like to be rid of the crap families who breed gang-culture, but the real burden is another set of ‘families’ who put their wealth ahead of a really working society and the Screwtapes who support them.

The Chinese do things very differently!  Or do they?


You can watch a series of videos at this link that indicates that China has been doing much the same in its state capitalism.  People in the West are in much the same thrall to the powerful.  Politics is not the determinant.  Police in a free society should have nothing to do with supporting one sectional interest, and, of course, we the people should be able to influence our social policies through democracy not rioting, leaving our police to deal with crime.  I suspect this social contract is broken because our votes are meaningless and this is the root of current problems.  The answers are not about youth clubs.


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    • 當我們看中國的外交,卻發現她很多時會在違背自身價值觀和利益的情況下,向各國妥協。可見中國外交的失敗。








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