The Riots Tell Us There is ‘An Order’ To Shake

“When I first had to call the police about the problems it was abundantly clear that anti social behaviour, despite all the hype surrounding it, was really not of any interest to the police officers who visited me. I was nothing more than a nuisance to them and eventually I gave up calling them unless things were really bad (eg the night we had around 100 kids fighting outside, and the night someone set fire to a car right outside the house!).” – from a victim’s blog.

My own experience and that of a close friend were much the same, our cases ending with arson and murder – fortunately directed against others.  We know about few of the cases of hapless authorities, including police causing misery for victims because they refuse to admit to the problems and their own organisations’ failings.  Did they ever track down any of the revolting bastards in the Pilkington and Askew cases?  I doubt it.  All the victims I found discovered cops and other agencies were useless, mostly rude, patronising and sometimes even prepared to lie and conspire to pervert the course of justice.  Bullying of victims by police and town hall agencies was common.

The recent riots appear to have flared up because of childish actions by senior police and the IPCC in Tottenham.  One will blame the other (childish) and somehow get out from under without the sackings that are needed.  What sort of human being is it that doesn’t tell someone’s family he has been killed straight away, and what kind of people can’t go about the business of investigation without pissing so many other people off?  We know what kind of people always blame someone else – kids do.  And that’s what these Gold commands and the IPCC look like – kids playing and falling out.

The riots, in the end, were just criminal behaviour and quite like riots I know about from 1600 onwards.  We old farts always think the current young are hooligans, but in fact this is a fact of life through history.  Most of the creeps being locked up, apart from rubber-neckers who got carried away, are the same rioting outside the victim above’s house or mine or those loitering about near you.  They just hurt the very people who have been brushing our problems aside for decades – the political crew.  And this crew is lashing out at the turds now.  This will make things worse for me and you, or whoever is stuck in trouble with the same old scum now, as the jails are full, cops not available (cuts, paper-work on the riots) and so on.  A few thousand will be out for crime school to do worse than ever later.

What the riots have shown is that there is an order to shake, a way that direct action might force democracy instead of the clown posturing we have.  I suspect a lot more trouble because the political reaction isn’t looking for base causes and fixes.



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