Riots All Someone Else’s Fault

No one is likely to try to defend the actors in bouts of Grand Theft Auto (SA) seen across England – I doubt even their lawyers will do a proper job.  The shits arrested and pictures in front of our eyes pay testament that this was a scumbag problem.  I suggest this is so bleeding obvious to have almost no significance.  The world would lose nothing if we opted for a cull – other than what is lost in ordering such a move (often popular amongst Nazis and upper class intellectuals).

Politicians are making use of the riots and rioters to score points in our idiot voting audiences.  We are missing what needs learning in the shouts, like Cameron’s, of ‘Hang ‘Em High’.  No one dares moot this as a bad idea.  I would shape the noose myself, but I also feel some distant responsibility, failures on my own part leading to the creation of this under-class because I couldn’t change our clown politics and gave up long ago.  I don’t vote, but would if there was a ‘none of you shits deserve office’ box.  I suspect this ‘party’ has a lot of support and the reasons for this substantial.

One claim being made is that looters will be evicted from their social housing.  This is an excellent idea, though I suspect it will not happen.  Police and court resources now seem to be available to deal with the scuzz in a manner not mustered before.  The danger is that these people will now be bottled up to continue causing problems for neighbours and through their usual petty crime.  And that hey may be able to organise further ‘tea-parties’.

We will miss the point.


2 thoughts on “Riots All Someone Else’s Fault

  1. They’ll all get ISSPs which they won’t bother to turn up for, and nothing will happen.

    Fining them / stopping their benefits will be counterproductive, as they will juts commit more theft if they’re skint.

    My grandad used to bang on about “bringing back the birch”. I have to say I think he may have been right, and that this might have a more robust deterrent effect.

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