Police Numbers per 100,000 across EU

A senior police officer of the Hamburg police ...

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http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/cache/ITY_OFFPUB/KS-EI-11-001/EN/KS-EI-11-001-EN.PDF – has lots of recent facts on EU.  Being EUvian I can’t copy tables easily from  it.  However, most countries across the EU Have more police officers per 100,000 than the UK.

UK – 257.9

Germany – 304.1

France – 386.9

Italy – 552.1

Portugal – 488

Holland – 219.5

There are other countries besides Holland with less cops than the UK in the table.  You can see that countries like Italy and Portugal have nearly twice our rate.  We obviously want to get along with as few officers as reasonable.

It’s interesting to find the same categories of crime that have been dropping in police recorded stats since 2002 also dropping in similar countries.  The question for me on this is where the crime is deferring to.  I can’t help noticing ‘Bill the Burglar’ across the road gets nicked for other crimes these days.

I also suspect bureaucrats the size of, say, GMP are employed doing EuroStat and might be better employed doing something real.


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