Pots calling kettle black

Yates of the Yard falls on his sword rather than face suspension and discipline.  We still don’t know if any cops at the Met are doing anything really wrong, though £12K bungs being listed as de rigeur suggests a lot wrong.  And a lot of drinkie-poo with Neil Wallis in the diary make it look as though the top dogs just might be seriously corrupt in suppressing an investigation that would have led to the nicking of their friends.

Yates is now charged with obtaining employment for the daughter of a friend – and this suggests, presumably, his suitability to be CC at Maxwell’s place?  There is still no sign of any of the cops who took money and were running about with scanners and engaging in conspiracies to pervert the course of justice with a number of private investigators.

Lurking in the news is the dreadful upgrading of Ms.Dick, the woman skilled in getting innocent Brazilians over-killed and god knows what would have happened if a real terrorist had been involved – there’s a precedent involving an IRA terrorist with a real bomb being allowed to walk about in London.

I have no idea whether officers like Stephenson, Yates and the rest any any good at their jobs or honourable.  On the basis of the gossip the press manage to present, the ‘honourable’ thing looks very shaky – but this is clearly the case in public life generally.  Prescot the ‘shagger’, Vaz ‘the dubious’, ‘shagger’ Boris and a raft of others are pots calling kettles black.  One has to wonder how we’ve got into this situation.

At the heart of this are police officers who could not work out a duty of protect the innocent and vulnerable, just as in the Pilkington case (and no doubt thousands of others across the country) – this does not equate with integrity as I understand it.  Our system relies on widespread integrity across the public – the flawed Republican model in which people really ‘look after number one’ whilst feigning honour and integrity.  Honesty has long since been not even a viable policy, rather than the best one.

Those who read ScewsNews and much offered in the main media are also involved in the pot and kettle – they allegedly provide service to the demand.  The current coverage is largely based in salacious interests in seeing the mighty fall.

One could have more faith in our press if they got to stories like that of the Pilkingtons before people died and were able to establish transparent review in follow through to change.  We have the odd flap, but default to business as usual is quick.




5 thoughts on “Pots calling kettle black

  1. How does it go, Police service is like monkeys climbing a tree, Those at the top look down and see smiling faces those at the bottom look up and see arseholes.

  2. A “Coppers Copper” they called him. Perhaps he did bring some good to the job.

    However, what sticks in my memory is the folowing article about the bonus and bung culture that he apparently found so abhorrent……
    “Sir Paul said the bonus culture in the service, believed to cost more than £40 million a year, should be overhauled because it could warp policing priorities, failed to motivate officers and damaged public confidence.
    Chief constables and other senior officers are eligible for bonuses of up to £30,000 a year for achieving national and local targets set by the Home Office and police authorities.
    Rank-and-file officers can be awarded bonus payments for everything from performing “unpleasant” tasks to showing a “willingness to learn”.
    Sir Paul told The Daily Telegraph that the scheme risked compromising the “operational independence” of police officers. The Metropolitan Police commissioner also questioned whether anyone in the public sector should accept a bonus for doing their job.
    Sir Paul, who is paid £250,000 a year for running Britain’s largest force, has turned down more than £100,000 worth of performance-related bonuses since 2005.
    “If I had accepted a bonus I always felt as though I would compromise my operational independence and discharge of duties, and that is something that forms the basis to my whole approach to policing,” he said.
    “I am very disappointed that we still have bonus payments in policing. Now is the time to get rid of them as far as I’m concerned. They should never have been there in the first place.”
    The latest figures available show that, in 2008, Norfolk police paid bonuses of £25,600 to its senior officers, Devon and Cornwall a total of £20,000 and Hertfordshire said it had paid £13,300.
    Rank and file officers receive an estimated total of £37 million in bonuses a year. Payments include £100 for going to a road accident and up to £300 for “unpleasant or disturbing incidents”.

    Pots and kettles indeed ACB, good post. Steve.

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