Let down by creeps like this?

This old lag must have known plenty about the story being presented to us through the diversion of phone hacking and Dirty Digger reporters.  He was either part of the cover-up or incredibly stupid taking a £12K “back-hander to the rest of us” and continuing to swan about with Dirty Digger henchmen and hiring them at our expense.  In Merseyside, a couple of jacks lost their pensions doing the dirtywork of public slime like this to produce their lying statistics.  He was earning a quarter of a million a year and will have a very tidy pension.

An independent investigation should be looking to see if he can be arrested.  If his integrity stands after this, fair enough.  If it stands now, he should not have resigned.  I don’t associate integrity with taking what looks to most of us a £12K bung he had no need of on his mega-salary.. What chance we see him working for Murdoch when the dust dies down?  He denies any wrong-doing and this may be true (though we have no investigation on which to base this), but it looks as though plenty has been going on on his watch and if he had no part in it he also had no part in bringing it to light.  When ordinary people turn up in the middle of stuff, they are (rightly) suspected.  If he didn’t know what was going on he should have stayed to clean out the duffers below.  Now we can only suspect they may have had tales to tell about him.

And if those below him hid all this from him, what might they be hiding about terrorism and other serious cases.  This man should be looked at in terms of criminal prosecution. just as others lower in the food chain.  These are the people who unload pressures down the line with clown policies and procedures.  Appoint someone like Gadget who hates them.


4 thoughts on “Let down by creeps like this?

  1. “What chance we see him working for Murdoch when the dust dies down?”
    We can be certain that deals have been done and confident that the details may never surface.

  2. Funny how senior types make errors of judgement and us workers are dismissed or required to resign for much lesser crap.
    ACPO showing its true colours once again. Press, Politicians and Senior Police not 3 of the P’s i was warned would get me in the goo when i joined but then i’m not a top lodge ACPO sycophant.
    I love it when the ‘mighty’ fall.

  3. If there was one I wanted to bring down it was James Anderton. Most of these senior jobs hardly need doing. I think the Coot knows more is coming out on him. He’s lying about not knowing or incompetent if he didn’t. They don’t resign on principle.

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