Charlie Gilmour Gets 16 months

I wouldn’t normally pass comment on some drugged up trollop who has defiled our war dead and engaged in public violence.  I am not moved by the related sob story.

Yet I saw the same sentence passed on another trollop with a long history of crime and violence not too long ago – she’s out now and causing the same blight as ever, fortunately some way away.  She threw a fire-bomb and could have killed a whole family.  Basically, criminal vermin – I can’t put this lad in the same bracket and I can’t see the system as remotely fair.  A reasonable comparative tariff would be ten to one.  I wouldn’t particularly want to see Charlie’s sentence reduced, but note our law is an ass yet again.


2 thoughts on “Charlie Gilmour Gets 16 months

  1. Hanging is too good for the bustard. I know just what you mean though. Charlie threatens their sinecures, scum threaten our homes and we don’t count.

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