Time to get our people away from Afghanistan madness


Amongst the rules of engagement in our mad presence in Afghanistan, our people can’t shoot people laying IEDs.  We couldn’t shoot joy-riders in Northern Ireland either.  I fume thinking of decent soldiers like lance corporal Clegg, falsely imprisoned (and on dud evidence) and the Bloody Sunday cover-up and all the money wasted on lawyers because we couldn’t do proper reconciliation.  In all this buffoonery we don’t let our people properly defend themselves and yet protect some with ludicrous stories (like it’s OK to shoot an innocent Brazilian even though he was restrained).

If it makes any sense, I think the idiocy involved is why we can’t arm enough of our cops to ensure armed support is always reasonably available.  We fear bureaucratic lunacy.  And the very people we need to make the decisions and be able to shoot must fear it too.  Losers all round.


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