Bullying in the police


Anyone who wants to see what a mess academe can make in writing about basic issues could do worse than having a read of the paper produced at the above link.  It’s not without merit, yet seems to me to have a certain bullying tone of its own.

Some of the roughest, toughest, most profane people I’ve worked with never bullied anyone.  Some of the worst bullying I’ve seen was perpetrated by girls and women, and at work it often came in hideous, politically correct form.  Bullying is sophisticated and networked in ways the author of this paper shows no sign of understanding.

A start on understanding police culture would be to find out who gets the worst jobs and how that comes about.  Who is under stress and why.  How is ‘loyalty’ enforced and why is it so difficult for officers to speak out against unfair treatment and corrupt colleagues?  And a whole lot more before being convinced it’s down to hairy-arsed coppers’ drinking clubs and swearing! And in examining cases where cops bully victims.


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