So Economics Is Bust – Let’s Try Again links to a video on wht we need new economics ideas.  Can’t embed it for some reason. is somewhat sceptical about George Soros.

I worked on a few Soros sponsored projects and it was a lot better than working for the World Bank – the latter being broadly fascist in economic terms.  Soros just put up funding, not a wad of pseudo-moralising how to sue it rules that defeated the object.

I don’t think the answer is going to lie in some theorising with economic models.  It’s been so obvious for so long that something is wrong and so obvious what we need to do that such theories and the context of their production must contain what’s wrong.  The world’s population has trebled in my lifetime – something that should have been stopped and it’s issues like this that we have been avoiding that have caused most of the world’s problems.  I might well have been one of the births stopped.

The key issue is that we won’t behave rationally in deciding quality of life and can’t bring ourselves to realising we need rules to prevent evolution just putting us at war with each other.  Horrible to have to deny reproduction to someone – but horrible is what we have to grip and won’t.  Horrible comes in spades later because of not acting now.

The world is full.  Idiots who think it isn’t should do some arithmetic on the size of the surface and how much there is per capita.  Then you can do a refined calculation on how much farmland there is, how much each life consumes and so on.  It doesn’t take long to discover we need to magic up two or three more Earths if everyone starts the kind of consuming we’ve been up to.  We couldn’t stop them breeding and we won’t be able to keep them beggared as we have done much longer.

But we’ll choose war ahead of new economics and real politics of the people.  You could, if you had half a mind, apply the criticism of economics by Soros to all our organisations.  You won’t and that’s the real problem of the world – think, selfish bastards who know they daren’t really look in the mirror because they have become merely image.  You will prefer war to any form of truth now.  How long before we bomb Pakistan back to the Stone Age |(about 2 years back), using only sufficient clean nuclear weapons to contain the ‘Islamic Bomb’?

The only hope I see is of an asteroid taking this heavy responsibility from us.  Yet we could all be much richer and purposive if we changed our views on growth.  No chance though because we are so thick we believe the politician telling us growth is the answer – and he means the type that has already screwed us over.  Why do people still look to such poxy witch-doctors?

They are drumming us to war.  What is the significance to world affairs of twelve UK cops being brought to trial some 20 years after they “framed” some black guys for murder?  It’s the way most people are so much in kow-tow they won’t speak out even when gross injustice is in front of their eyes.  We’ve been bought off to such a degree we can’t see the wood for the trees.  The clock stopped in 1984.


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