We Don’t Understand The Big Lies

The video points out something I’ve known about politics and economics for many years.  They are not what they claim to be. A number of claims are made here that are true, including that if China grows to become more or less as ‘wealthy’ as the US – the two countries will then be consuming 125% of the world.

We are going to war – make no mistake on this. Each of us is taking 20 times our share of the world.  We are buying land out from under people who need it to feed themselves.  The complex answers needed are beyond the goons who run the show and most of us can’t even see the problem.  War will become the preferred solution because we are idiots.  They are grooming us for it now.  Yet we could go another way.  We just won’t.  We could have another economics, but then, you didn’t get the last lot, did you?

The Democratic Republic of Congo sits on about $27 trillion of assets.  It’s currently kept in perpetual war.  Zimbabwe was once the breadbasket of Africa, as Ukraine was in Europe.  They are all being bought up by foreign interests.  This is just stage one, which has also involved the curtailment of any independent war reporting from Falklands to Afghanistan.  I seem to remember George Orwell wrote the book.


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