Ethnic Crime And The Cover Up

The media are reporting on ‘street grooming’.  Many of us are worried that this problem has strong Asian and Muslim links.  It seems figures are not being kept properly on ethnicity – something that seems impossible against our daily rituals with EO form-filling.

We don’t seem to have any public source coming clean with us.  The Thinking Policeman (link in blog list) says this:

“In the last five years every single rapist charged has been a male born outside of Western Europe. I put this to the back of my mind and then a few days later similar statistics were released relating to the UK. Nationally, one in five rapes is now committed by a person born outside of the UK. In London it is almost one in three. Murder statistics are similar and in some forces more than half their murders have been committed by non UK born residents.”

The estimate on ‘Asians’ convicted for ‘street grooming’ is given at 28% in the Mail – but half the cases are not considered because of reporting failures.

“It found that of 1,217 offenders whose ethnicity had been recorded, 346 were Asian, 367 white, 38 black, 464 unknown and two Chinese.”

Excluding the unknowns the figure looks more like 40%.

Read more:

Asians are a small percentage of the total population, suggesting this is a massive, ethnic-based issue we should be talking about in adult public dialogue.  Are the Mosques and Temples conducting any campaigns against this?  What might be hiding under the figures in under reporting of the crime from within these communities?  What is the real burden being placed on us by immigrant crime?


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