More shameful idiocy in our courts (haircuts)

So we need to waste expensive court time over haircuts do we?

So ‘cornrows’ can’t be pissed off ‘cos it’s racist, but a school for Jews only ain’t, even one for special sorts of Jews.

But wait, we have a Supreme Court

Amazingly, they consider 7 to 2 that it is discrimination for a Jewish school not to take a pupil who had a Jewish father with a non-Jewish wife living a Jewish lifestyle and bringing up the lad as Jewish.

WTF are our courts even involved in this for?

And how does crud like this match up with ‘being British’?  From an angle? Nasty tossers deciding on who is Jewish enough, what your hair style should be, dork parents, bungling judges and on to hideous bureaucracy increases because of such decisions.  How long will it be before a dirty, lice-ridden kid is just another ethnic product.  While judges are involved in this nonsense they ain’t sorting what needs sorting.

We should get rid of the reasons for these squabbles by banning schooling other than that prepared to be broad church with religious education just a part of history.

A school banning all but ‘ordinary’ haircuts is not exercising indirect discrimination over a cornrow.  It’s making a moral statement from a very ordinary day-to-day worry about gangs and discipline.  I don’t agree much with this kind of discipline, but the issue is whether a majority of parents do.

Courts should have no role in these areas, effectively discriminating against the views of many.  Instead of this clod-pole system we should have human rights that we all understand.  This entails looking at interest groups who are only concerned with their own at the expense of wider society, including the buffoons who make law but live away from its consequences.


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