Scary existential questions

Much that human beings believe to be true isn’t.  History is full of beliefs that turn out to be superstition and total bollox when assessed today.  Religion is one area of this, though it won’t appear so in the world-view of the believer.  The real questions now do not concern whether god exists or a particular god exists; or that otherwise science disproves the notion of god (which it does not).  They concern what beliefs today are likely to give our line of evolution peaceful future on Earth and elsewhere; and those that don’t.

We are, of course, severely tranced in concern for what doesn’t matter.  Some of the possible arguments are at



4 thoughts on “Scary existential questions

  1. “We are, of course, severely tranced in concern for what doesn’t matter.”

    Existential probing, ACO? One unproven view of many possibilities makes a ‘perhaps’ and not an ‘of course’.

  2. I’ve just done my tax return Melvin – seeing the words unproven and possibilities so close together is unusually scary. One has to agree, yet how does one include all the possibilities without normalisation from modal logic to estimation?

  3. Finite time allocation is already set to undermine a strategy, ACO.
    P.S. Never get on the wrong side of the Revenue with the plea that the return is pointless for as long as X different concepts arise out of any given string of information. I have also exercised the prudence of asking him to prove he is real but he just doesn’t get it and simply reverts to threats.

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