What do you actually enjoy?

I quite enjoy shaggy dog stories – like those of utterly rational scientists who invent algorithms to measure unhappiness and try to sell them to the CIA so countries likely to go commie can be identified.  Lovely joke.

We might enjoy sex, a good wine in good company.  I rather don’t like the IMF’s deputy rapist telling us our economy is on course.  Perhaps he has another title?  The IMF agreeing with austerity – shock of the century that ain’t!  Blip, blip …

Osbourne couldn’t plan us out of a wet paper bag – and I can enjoy the irony of such leadership being what we muster.  Maybe we are so clever we always make sure the jerks get into these positions?  If I could vote for him, I’d vote for David Mitchell – though why lose a good comedian to politics?  The reason, of course, would be to make a better joke of politics!

The Home Secretary still has me rolling in the aisles.  Universities complacent – that’s like saying lemons are yellow as though no one else knows.  I’ve taught subversively – in the old Soviet Block.  A bit different than the ‘Apostle’ who is supposed to have recruited the Cambridge Spies.  My students can talk to me about pretty much anything, though too much interest in how to destroy buildings with ‘reduced urine’  and I’d dob them in.  The problem on campus is the same as everywhere else – crude religionists’ twaddle and fear of breaching PC to deal with it.  The problem is that we nick complete innocents in the same kind of paranoia of the play in which all the anarchists turn out to be undercover cops.  You just have to laugh.

I suspect we move in an age where ‘the laugh’ as in ‘doing it for the laughs’ has spread beyond joy-riding twerps into the mainline.  Enjoy!

I don’t enjoy the current situation and humour has long been a coping strategy.  So long, I’m not sure what I do enjoy anymore.


2 thoughts on “What do you actually enjoy?

  1. The notion of Authority packed with treacherous flocks of wolves is entertaining by virtue of comical truth. Perhaps we share similar chilhood memories of Aesop and his elementary illustrations of the wages of such people, ACO.

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