What’s this old codger doing in court?

Lord Hanningfield was found guilty after denying six counts of false accounting

This guy appears to have done very little wrong, and yet seems to have been thrown to the wolves.  Much worse cases than this have not got to court, involving over £100K.  I’m for hanging some our our MPs, but surely a blind eye should have been turned to this guy?  He hadn’t even put in for a Council pension after 40 years on the job as a Councillor.   Not Guilty in my book of anything other than public service.

Sickening.  Ruin his life and we’re about to pay out to Shoesmith and keep paying fortunes to all kinds of dolts.  I’ve known life wasn’t fair since being given run out by a woman teacher at primary school when I was yards past the stumps (that’s me with the ice pick lurking in the shadows Mrs. Robin Hood Airport), but this isn’t right.  And it isn’t cricket.


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