Frankly Super-injunctions Move Me To Tears

So we have a Judge Judge.  Major Major more like (Catch 22).  Anyone who is feeling the impact of scrote being moved into their street knows our criminal justice system is in disarray.  So what makes the headlines – a bunch of crud that should only be of interest in-itself to a few rich people in embarrassing situations and vile lawyers and gossip-newspapers.

Ms. Pilkington killed herself and her child because no one gave a damn.  Does this injunction malarkey run at a profit with this ploughed back into justice for people who really need it?  I doubt that!  So Bwanker Fred was screwing on the job.  Easier, surely, to live with that coming out than near scum.  Next time I hear of the need to prioritise, I’ll be sick thinking of any effort put into this.


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