Don’t talk about Hitler

Lars von Trier, a Danish film-maker talked publicly of ‘a little sympathy for Hitler’.  He has been banned at Cannes.  The guy isn’t a neo-Nazi.  It’s quite possible to have a little sympathy for Hitler.  The very idea that WW2 was caused by this dwarfish creature is bad for us.  PC is clearly preventing the very discussions we need to identify where such monsters really lie – from Moses to recent genocides.

I don’t know Lars and I’m sick of those who exploit the Nazi market.  I even suspect this might be a dire publicity stunt.  We can’t have this kind of silencing.


6 thoughts on “Don’t talk about Hitler

  1. And, at the same time, the film festival authorities rehabilitated Mel Gibson. Von Trier, a brilliant, dense-thinking, often unstable artistic genius was free-associating at a press conference in a language in which he is not completely fluent. He thought himself down a cul de sac and then tried to use an unfortunate way out.

    PC gone mad – in the artistic world a particularly stupid act. One of the functions of good art is to provoke. This is the kind of stupidity which got The Life of Brian banned in many countries, including Ireland.

  2. I see parallels between Hitler and the odious Blair – small men inflated out of their depth. All reports on Hitler from those close to him suggest a rather considerate man.

  3. He said he wanted to be a Jew but reaised he was German and so was a Nazi…………..I think it was a silly, and very bad taste ‘joke’ of some kind. Don’t forget, he was speaking a foreign language (English) and there were no nuances of speech a native speaker may have used to indicate humour. Or of course he’s a scumbag Nazi. Regardless, he got slung out of the festival for his use of free speech. this seems to be happening a lot these days. People being picked on for just speaking (and fairly inanely in this case).

  4. Good job he didn’t use the `N` word to make his point or he’d have needed more than a super-injunction – he’d need Max Clifford.

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