Things Don’t Look Good for Strauss-Kahn

The Internet is awash with allegations of previous bad sexual misconduct against IMF Supremo Strauss-Kahn.  The ‘rape victim’ is African and SK seems to have started with denial and changed his story to consensual after DNA dawned.  Another woman is claiming he forced her into oral sex in the same hotel.  There’s a long history and already a story he is being set up by agents of Sarkosy.  The way the victim’s lawyer is talking suggests later civil action.

Against the most severe standards of evidence we require in science, I wonder how we could ever get past the ‘consensual denial’ stuff.  Every cop hears ‘it’s your word against mine copper’ (stupid as we privilege police evidence) and bags off neighbour disputes in terms of one set of word and another.  We are very bad at ‘deciding evidence’.  Good to see him lifted, but Clinton wasn’t and also denied until DNA.

The only way out is not to be involved with women and from a new Knights’ Templar.  Pity about the gay bit!  I seriously hope he has done it and gets done.  Still leaves me a bit queasy.  Much of what is on the Net will not be admissible in court, but where could he be tried in front of people who don’t know?  I think its time our courts stopped ruling so much evidence out because it’s fictional to believe this discounts its effect now.


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