Change Rape Laws, Not Ken Clarke

Ken’s been at it again.  Did he say much wrong?  I doubt it.  Yet all sorts of ‘Speech Crime’ zealots have sprung up.  Clarke merely pointed to some facts.

And on facts, let’s have the real ones.  I’m out of date, but most ‘rapes’ take place in the space of families and those we think we know.  Women do make false claims.  Our teenagers (actually only some of them) are fucking like bunnies.  Should we be carrying consent notes around in our wallets next to the condoms, should the opportunity arise?

Some forms of rape are more serious than others – and we wouldn’t have differential sentences otherwise.  Where and when did we get round to this ‘rape is rape’ crap?  I don’t think most of us have.

I witnessed a judge saying he was passing a lower sentence on the grounds that the defendant had shown consideration in using a condom.  He wasn’t sacked and should have been.  Clarke is just stating the truth.

This stuff has nothing to do with the problems.  None of us surely has any problem with rapists like the cop in Newcastle or the London taxi driver hearing the door slam and the key being thrown away.  We just want these scum detected quicker.  Yet what do we think about the Assange situation?  What about two teenagers in love, one under 16?

Milliband has made himself impossible to elect on this one issue.


6 thoughts on “Change Rape Laws, Not Ken Clarke

  1. Clarke has, in his previous life, hush-puppied his way through the police and education as well as health I believe. I don’t think he deserves the thrashing he’s had over this one – and the same shrill cries are still coming from the same shrill feministical types that have always shouted the same stuff. Rape is about power, control, violence, where sexual parts are used – I’ve never thought of it as involving sex, per se. Perhaps that is what muddies the waters?

  2. My own views Hog. Germaine Greer agrees with us. I have to say I have met more false complainants than rapists. I also met more false complainants against police, but when I needed fair play got cover-up and a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

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