Tales from the libidinal economy

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, tipped as the next French President should that country turn left, the leader of the IMF, has got himself involved in some squalid ‘unwanted sex’ in the New York Sofitel.  He has ‘form’.  Clearly, Gordon Brown should have been given the job.  He only upsets women in public.

The spin is that Kahn was doing a great job at the IMF and is entirely innocent.  The first isn’t true – the IMF rocks on lending money on terms that promote standard capitalism, loaning money against austerity and hopes economies will expand into more planet-burning.  Any of us could do that.

This news is the same as discovering all Australians are plankers.


2 thoughts on “Tales from the libidinal economy

  1. As soon as he can squeeze a large bundle of Euros into an inside pocket, his lawyer will be saying that his client has no connection with any Dirty Sex Kidnapper.

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