Come on – we knew already

So we knew Blair was lying and so on.  So some queer Liberal guy only defrauded us because he wouldn’t ‘come out’ – though this wasn’t why.  We live in a society so far from decent reason I’m more likely to face prosecution for the word queer than dorks who really are bothered by homosexuality.  I just don’t shag men.  I don’t want to.  I even suspect this isn’t some natural consequence of biology.  Get over it.  We’re all being stiffed.  Wake up and realise a few people make all lives not worth living.  Actually, I don’t ‘shag’, or wear lynx vomit to get women.  Grow up – it’s painful, but worthwhile.  I’d rather live in a Syrian dungeon, than stupid enough to think we get the truth when it matters.

I hope Burnley get relegated to the legions of Hell.  Scientists don’t vote Republican, or help with anything else long-term.  Liberal queers could once strut it loud.  I’m off for a slut march!  Change?  My arse!

The sickening way this expenses crime has been muffed-off is the final act in the saga of business-as-usual.


1 thought on “Come on – we knew already

  1. “Change? My arse!”

    Thank god for punctuation, or I’d have thought you were goinhg for a sex swap there, for a minute… 😉

    PS: like the new look!

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