Computer Problems?

Don’t worry, it’s just Microsoft fucking you again.  Asteroidal suppositories are the answer; that and imagining where Microsoft support people can stuff them.  I can lie back and think of the Old Country with the best, but what gets me is the rash of automated red-herring-wild-goose-chase “help”.  From drivers that screw up other people’s products to the evil empire  of Games for Windows, I’m paying tax for a bundle of ancient, incompetent, over-idiot-engineered crap with no representation.  Now they are bidding silly money for Skype.  This has never made real  operating profits, so I dread the plan involved in the mega-bid for that, which I suspect will involve gluing up the Internet with VOIP that only works with Microsoft drivers written in whatever obfuscation language underlies Skype.


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