New Lessons From Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Have you tried reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin?  You can get it free at Gutenberg (above).  I’ve been recommending it to diversity classes for years, yet more or less forgotten it.  A student how had read it waxed on in a tutorial and reminded me I should look again.  My thanks are due.

We need something rather like this regarding police statistics and the current derision of the ‘evil poor’.  I agree entirely that what can go on in this part of our society needs exposing, something hardened in me when I first entered such a home as a young cop, unable to distinguish children from the dog dirt piles.  Such is only part of the real story.  One could read Gadget as an exemplar of actual language in use, much as Harriet Beecher Stowe presents her characters.  The question might be about who is being created as the ‘new niggers’ within new polite language.

We deride political correctness, and quite rightly.  This is the kind of stuff that some would use to prevent me using Harriet’s work because it contains the ‘N-word’.  It gets decent cops sacked for using the term ‘black bastard’ in the heat of a fight.  This in a world in which we support terror regimes which keep the ‘sand niggers’ in their place to keep oil cheap!  They know, and yet have offered me hospitality greater than I can acknowledge.

I don’t teach violent revolution.  If one can justify this at all, one can only justify aq kind of war against personal property and justifiable targets.  We aren’t good enough to make even this work.  Nazis are obvious ones, but I’m not even sure we got that right.  I’m a bit inclined to take Max Keiser’s sarcasm about we peasants not being able to see the Nazis are banking terrorists – this makes a lot of economic sense, but Max has Lord Haw Haw’s mike at Russia Today.  None of us is holy and those that confuse themselves they are will kill anyone else, which is why ‘Muslim terrorism’ has killed more Muslims than anyone else.

The ‘revolution’ we need (and I’m sure we need one) concerns some very practical means to allow all a decent material life (which is now technologically possible) and freedom from fear of bandits using this to arm themselves to return to a libidinal economy with them in charge.  As Hogday pointed out recently, we are only not a police state because we have (mainly) decent cops – and decent armed forces.  We need to control against bandits.

I have read much of ancient politics.  None of it describes freedom (constrained against megalomaniacs) for all.  This is what we need, but to get there we need a literature that exposes ‘the way we treat niggers’ in Harriet’s fashion.  Instead we have no modern art worth the name and media part of the terror under which we live.  I would ask who is making us the ‘new niggers’.  We have a DPP who thought we could spot what Freddie Patel was, and Blair who thought, and did get away with the lies on WMD.

Harriet would just tell us what they were really saying.


2 thoughts on “New Lessons From Uncle Tom’s Cabin

  1. “It gets decent cops sacked for using the term ‘black bastard’ in the heat of a fight.”

    ‘Short bastard’, ‘fat bastard’ and ‘ginger bastard’ are all acceptable, until they can somehow get a pressure group behind them.

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