Any way past political ass pipes?

I’ve been more interested in politics than most people all my life.  Now, I don’t vote and am sickened by almost any coverage except satire.  I’d vote for David Mitchell if he was a political  party.  I’d be for capital punishment if we could trust our legal system and believe we should create a society decent enough for no ‘welfare state’ to be necessary.  Salmond and Sturgeon look more like politicians I can stand than any of the clapped-out cretins we elect in the UK, as do a few ‘Europeans’.  Like everyone else, I was utterly patronised by “AV” and would only have voted if there had been a  ‘sod off I want deeper change than this’ box.  Mitchell got this entirely right on the 10 ‘O’ Clock show.

I’d have double-tapped Bin Laden as easily as I would ten families of scrote round here, but see Bush and Blair as worse and as murderers.  Cameron is Blair as much as Blair was Thatcher in drag.  God alone knows what Clegg is.  I specially avoided coverage of the Royal wedding, yet still witnessed more of this dross than anything on AV.  I am almost totally non-violent, don’t care what colour, creed, sexual orientration and other such boring crud is raised up by people who really can’t understand what should be important anyone is.  I am concerned if creed means forcing women to live in black bags, and thinking it’s OK to bully others, and that “I am” so pure I can do ‘tap-tap’ rather than engage in due process.

I think it’s time for global peace and know this isn’t a matter of leaving dire clowns to become strong enough to force Islamic, Xtian or other guff down my throat.  I know this raises issues about me forcing my scientific views down anyone else’s throat too.  I have scrubbed about with Xtian,  Muslim and all shades ‘after tight pussy’ (and women on the trap) and even crawled brothels (i was a cop) with no intent other than the company or job, sat at the feet of gentle Mullahs and opened the batting with the Vicar and smoked tabs with Taliban (they were off-duty).  My life was once saved by the leg of a one-legged prostitute, a cowardly police sergeant running away (he got his).

I want a politics that allies decent people.  There is none.  I’ve kept protestant from catholic, husband from wife and even vile Nazi from the crowd (not my doing, just scheduled duty).  Officialdom is so bad I’ve lied, cheated, stolen and so on to get round it for some kind of justice.  I’m uncomfortable I didn’t do more.  I will.

I watched my newsagent spend time with an old woman in front of me in the queue today.  He apologized and I said it was a pleasure to see him bothered to put the time in.  Asian bastard I think not.  Where is our politics?  Beautiful music on Joels Holland now – yet I would use all my trained killing skills on the turds going by blaring trash from their car stereo.

The rudeness of general society appalls me and I want it stopped – but I am not fucked off by assigned rude words.  The musak of  ASDA and political-speak get to me.


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