Delayed By Hogday

Those thinking Hoggie has returned to duty as a special and done and stop and search on me will be disappointed.  I suspect his reaction to being asked (see thinbluelineuk) to spoil pension years with more dedicated public service for nowt would have been the same as mine.  Apparently, at least one police force is writing to officers with more than 30 year’s service telling them to piss off as a drain on the public purse AND asking for them to continue their essential work for nothing!

Nope, Hogday has not lurched into voluntary service, but written something sensible on the Ian Tomlinson case.  Reading this has made me late for class this afternoon, or will have if the taxi to replace my bus doesn’t show up pronto.  Attitude change for HRM 201 this afternoon.  I usually start with textbook notions of motivation to work and what attitudes these reveal (cruel lunacy).  Today, I’m going to start with why I’d rather be out meeting Hog over a pint than teaching them, and what ‘motivates’ me to be with them.  These undergraduates are the kind of people who may send out letters sacking police officers and asking them to come back and work for nothing in the future (see, they learn cruel lunacy, not not to do it).  Now the dammed taxi has shown up.  Love to think I’d have nicked Harwood on the spot, but if I had that kind of balls I wouldn’t teach HRM, would I?  The brighter ones have noticed I don’t …


2 thoughts on “Delayed By Hogday

  1. 1. Sorry you’re late – suggest you stay behind for half an hour – yeah, right :))
    2. Googled `HRM` and it seems you either lecture on Human Relics Management, Boilers or the Hudson River Museum – either way 1. and 2. probably all end up being dredged out of 3.
    3. I suspect we’re both well north of Watford these days and I’ll drink with almost anyone :0
    4. I wonder if we’d be under surveillance if we did rock up to your local? I’m beginning to wonder.
    5. Re the offer of free work in any police force nearby – I’m far too violent when I have to be violent and this `offer` of work would make me extremely violent to those who made it. But when I turn 60 I’ll be getting the bus pass, so no need to ride in a police car – I guess I’ll be even more of an ideal candidate.

  2. Lecture break. Most of this class were sensible enough to sign up to this HRM module (which is compulsory) due to my rep for throwing textbooks in the Hudson and treating the subject as a form of modern fascism. One of the older guys in class relates HRM in his company to De Sade’s ‘Justine’. He’s been pleasantly surprised how much academic work supports his case.
    Tutorials start in about 20 minutes – feedback on essays on diversity techniques. Very good stuff in the main, with developed awareness of how insulting the general thrust is – similar to the ‘job offer’ Steve Bennett has revealed!
    Just because we’re paranoid is no reason to think no one is following us mate!

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