DPP should resign over Tomlinson.

The kind of impartiality judges and paid lawyers lay claim to is mythical – a chimera by which we are enthralled.  Scientists can’t manage it, so why we should expect it from a bunch of upper-class dills beggars belief.  At best we can only approximate to fair play.  Even umpires and referees, who do their business at top level in recorded public scrutiny almost as full as technology allows, get things wrong or could still tip the balance for a ‘brown envelope’.  They can still get things wrong, and one of my favourites as a bloke, ‘Harry the Finger’, was equally unfair to all batsmen.  I no doubt cheated against the highest standards by bowling at his end and taking the quickest single possible at the other.  It’s very noticeable now in rugby league, that the forward pass, not subject to video review, is the most contentious of the important decisions.

Stumbler, the DPP would resign now over his Tomlinson decision.  If Harry had ever known what a bad umpire he was, he would have given up.  He was a decent bloke doing his best and could not have continued if he’d known.  Umpires were hard to find and keep, so we kept stumm.  Stumbler is a different kind of fish, one now ruining our public services.  He’s of the kind trying to pull off corruption in plain light, like Judge Roy Bean in the Andrews’ case.  Alive now, Voltaire might just be saying ‘ … sometimes in Britain it is good to roll out a Lord Hutton’.  The only Hutton worth spit was the Tyke who captained England.  The breed has gone jobsworth. too cowardly to face fast bowling even from under a helmet.

What scares me is ‘they’ thought they could lie to us even with ‘video review’ available.  Stumbler appears to have thought that a jury (me and you) between a specially chosen ‘police surgeon’ not fit to practice and a regular guy!  And who gets to review the farce in our ‘transparent system?  Why the serial Stumbler himself – even this may be better than ‘doing a Hutton’.  We are now so corrupt in bureaucracy it’s rare anyone can be trusted to do a review.

Harwood can’t get a ‘fair trial’ now, but Stumbler, Harpick (IPCC) and various Knacker should be put on trial, including some who stood by doing nothing.  The pathologist has been defrocked and should be turned Queen’s evidence.  Ideally, Harwood should end up paying compensation, along with the Met and CPS in punitive amounts pour encourage les autres.  I would go along with what measures Ian’s family want, and some worthy should have the decency to ask what this is with no further delay.


3 thoughts on “DPP should resign over Tomlinson.

  1. He should resign and I digress slightly to make comparison with the other unlawful killing in the news. The second involved a victim for whom I have no sympathy; yet I deplore premeditated murder. To paraphrase More, the Devil must always be given law for our protection, not his. The more recent killing was premeditated, foolhardy and vendetta invoking. If it had nothing to do with a President’s standing in polls, it was a crude and vengeful act, unconnected with justice and World peace.

    Those holding great hopes for a man of apparent high quality must now conclude that America elected for President, its first black ‘gangsta’.

    Grasping men of ambition are key players in both unlawful killings. I doubt that either has the morality necessary to mete out a self-impose penalty.

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