The New Jews

I don’t think of people in terms of ethnicity, sex, gender, colour and the range of boring labels of dork identity.  If I’m game for sex, I have my preferences and note much ‘tolerance’ disappears at such points in our lives.  We don’t, generally, conjoin with homosexuals if we ain’t, and so on, if you think about such matters.  Tolerance has limits.

Blog about a bit and you can find any prejudices you want or aspire to.  Most of us have been taught not to say words like ‘nigger and jew’ these days, or their equivalents like ‘gringo, honkie’ and many others.  I’m far from convinced such repression is much use.  You can also see a lot of material ‘exposing’ the ‘evil poor’ in Western societies, usually the parochial evil poor of Britain if you are British, France if you are French and so on.  It’s as though the search is on for “the new jews”.  I’m as guilty as anyone in passing comment, though I hope to open eyes.  In the Bible, the Jews had many varieties of their own ‘jews’ – the Philistines and all the other ‘scum’ allegedly put to the sword and into dust.  As with the idiot ‘Roman Catholic’ history our schools still teach, the ‘Barbarian’ and ‘Philistine’  societies often had more to cherish than anything to be found in the parochial myths of past greatness and progress to unachievable past-perfection we are dragged up in.

Human history is full of genocide.  Moses urges it upon his generals in Numbers 31, despite already hideous slaughter.  He is a disgusting war criminal, and this passage of religious script typical of ‘religions of peace’ and “history” as no more than the drunken songs of victory made up by men clutching their balls with one hand, drink in the other as they tell old wives’ tales.  Schools teach this utter crap to our kids, almost like we might hide a dog’s medicine in cheese.  I was taught that Julius Caesar, the greatest all all Caesars (ho! ho!), invaded Britain in 53 BC.  It was all presented a bit as though a bunch of Roma fans had won a punch up at Brighton and taken over, forcing unclean Brits to take baths and savour wine instead of swilling beer.  Woad betide you and all that.  The actual people of Britain in this ‘history’ were us, taken back in time as though the centuries hadn’t changed us.  Julius, of course, had managed to send a few boats over here in 54 BC, but they got such a pummeling he couldn’t get them on board for the return fixture the following year.  Julius did whatever it is politicians of today do and got someone to write a false history and set of statistics up.

Listening to a Rabbi recently, in the depths of a blissfully drunken evening, thoughts turning to putting the world right, I heard soft words very loudly.  She had not been welcome back to her family because they were Orthodox.  There had just been a wedding from which she had been barred.  I’d been able to go as merely a long time ‘not Jew’ son of a mother whose family had converted from the faith.  I have ‘I’m atheist, please godswank elsewhere’ tattooed on my forehead.  Yet I was welcome in Jewish company where a Rabbi was barred.  Ruth and I had cried in strange merriment over this.  She had been looking at some research of mine while I found some really good Brandy.  The broad brush of this work is that the world no longer really needs workers, almost in the sense that the hive-queen would no longer need them if she had thousands of robot pollen harvesters.  One in nine Scottish jobs were in banks not long ago.  I avoid banks and know I need few of their ‘services’.  I’d been collating swathes of information like this, along with a range of bits and pieces from public websites on ‘who it’s OK to hate these days’.  Ruth and I are are kind of non-practicing kissing cousins twice genetically removed when we get pissed.  Half-way through the brandy, she concluded that my work was foretelling a nightmare to come.

Ruth has a disdain of Jews who cast themselves as chosen people and specially vexed by genocide.  She copped for an Orthodox dragging up, whereas the parochial dross of mine was C of E.  She’d been looking through print outs of all kinds of stuff I look at to see if I can find patterns.  One of the clusters of paper she’d picked up was marked “NJ” and she asked what this meant.  ‘New Jews’, I said.  She went quiet for a bit and looked through some of the stuff – highlighted bits of as number of blogs from Inspector Gadget to Ambush Predator and on again to scurrilous shit I won’t mention by name.  From blogs I like to ones I wouldn’t read except for research purposes, Ruth concluded I had a scrapbook demonstrating the ‘invention’ of the ‘new jews’ – people it’s safe to hate, disown and blame for all our ills.

This is a world in which the owners need very few workers, and yet which contains massive numbers of ‘workers’ and very ancient, obsolete definitions of ‘work’.  We are identifying the ‘evil poor’, blaming them for not working, in a blind, cruel and stupid manner and don’t seem to have any capability to see this is all a blind.  ‘The conditions of war’? asked my distant cousin, beginning to cry in my arms about her father.


6 thoughts on “The New Jews

  1. As usual a very well thought out piece. I however feel that we are missing something about ourselves in this modern world. Humans are tribal and combative, which was less of an issue when we weren’t living on top of each other and breeding in numbers that threatened our resources.
    We are destined i feel to see more and more conflict, the vilification of the ‘new Jews’ is just a sign of the pressure building.

  2. As you will have read several times, my theory for many of our social ills, and creation of the ‘new jews’ is that small word ‘self’. In general society bimbles along with no cognisance of, or care about, how they as individuals impact upon others. Self-interest, self-importance, self-promotion et al abound and flourish pity there is so little selfless action and interaction in today’s world.

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