Westminster Council Bastards Beggaring Belief


There are some very barmy and nasty people about in government and local government.  I’m not a natural Grauniad reader, but when stupid bastards start imposing legislation that potentially leads to locking up people handing out soup to the cold and homeless we have to do something.  This is the barking madness of bad science fiction like Soylent Green.  I can put up with the vapid sheep-spanker elected as London’s Mayor ahead of the newt-keeper on the grounds he trivialises politics, but surely bastards who would knock soup out of the hands of the broken need advice from a proctologist with a very large barge pole.  Westminster Council should receive extremely long jail sentences, before being starved for a few days and shot just after watching soup provided by the Salvation Army being poured down the grids into which their life-blood trickles off to Hell.

Proud to be British!  FFS this ain’t what any of us put bodies on the line for!  I live in the shame of what we have become.  No doubt somewhere there is a third Lord Hutton with a white-wash brush to tell us this is acceptable behaviour?


3 thoughts on “Westminster Council Bastards Beggaring Belief

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