Xmas comes early for Police turkeys voting Tory

I’m not party political, tending to believe we really have a one-party, corrupt system pretending to offer choice.  That these Tories have turned out to be slash and burn, anti-Northern, anti-poor, pro-rich and so on is hardly a surprise.  I predicted the current attack on policing with stories of Zambian trained Laotian Guards.  Perhaps Eastern Europeans working twice the hours for half the pay would have been more accurate?  We have dispatched far more skilled workforces to the gutter very quickly in the last 50 years.  Gadget must be squirming in delight under the thrashings of her much loved Dominatrix Home Secretary.  Illustrations to Monday Books only please!

The cops are now wailing that they are being picked on because they don’t have the right to strike.  There is no right in the UK you turkeys.  To get real increases in the 1970s we had to ballot on strike action and feed the media with videos of police strikes and subsequent riots in Canada.  These days, you are so far up yourselves, you can’t even take advice from those of us who went out on a limb then, let alone take a joke.

The current cuts were predicted in detail by Steve Bennett (thinblueline).  I don’t think they go far enough and would reduce public sector pay by an average of 25% on a sliding scale, capped at £70K, pensions paying out a flat rate not linked to personal pay and so on.  At the same time, I’d insist on full employment.  What I want to see is fairness.  Not long ago, a number of Burger King-like firms were calling staff in and not paying them if demand meant they could sit in the rest room.  If we allow shit like this, them we should all “benefit”.  If we are bowler-hatting soldiers after rotten overseas’ tours, we should be able to sac k cops – and so on.

My training sergeant once said it was time to give up if you couldn’t look at the scrote you’d just arrested thinking ‘there but for the grace of god go I’.  Our society is in danger of losing all sense of this.  If cops have had it away with £3.2 billion in OT, what the fuck have consultants and lawyers swannied away with?  And does the amount total up to the new hospitals and school-type facilities we need? (it does and more)  The drain of the evil poor (much as I’d have them digging drains) is little in comparison to that of the rest of us.

In Japan, you can do the same job as someone else and get only one sixth of the pay.  Here we put young cops on shift systems that probably make them prone to diabetes, certainly expose them to the most risk (but still much less than working in construction) and stress and yet pay perhaps a dozen more officers on their backs considerably more for questionable duties.  I see no review on anything that matters in the current ACPO-led crud.  A random decimation, Legion-style, would do more good, except for every tenth man!


3 thoughts on “Xmas comes early for Police turkeys voting Tory

  1. Sentiments that I mostly agree with, for too long a large element of the establishment (in all areas of the public sector, not just the police), have sat on their arses doing very little and drawing handsome wages to boot. My grave concern is the possible negative effects that may impact upon those who have tried to be professional and diligent throughout the crud of mismanagement. That and obviously the ultimate impact upon service delivery to the public, an element that is already poor and probably set to get worse!

  2. I agree Dave. There are always backbone staff who manage to get stuff done amongst the idiots. I pulled in around £7 million in European funding in the last decade, but feel less than 10% reached intended recipients. I have no doubt a new war on the poor has been launched. What gets to me is most ‘turkeys’ can’t see we’d all be better off if we could get rid of the truly massive bureaucracy we are part of, and the corruption of money making money.

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