Plus ca change

I’ve been laid up somewhat for the last couple of months.  Two doses of very flu-like infections either side of my annual anti-flu jab.  My computer hard drive came out in sympathy and I had to put it down.  Various uninteresting complications haver left me pondering a fatwa on Microsoft and Sky Player.  Been sleeping like a log and missing most of the information that flows once switches in the living room are turned on.  I had been planning a reclusive period to get on finishing some writing.  Instead, I have done the hermit bit and produced nothing.

I have watched some great French and Scandinavian film and drama, plus the utterly brilliant Chris Morris’ ‘Four Kings’ which should be made compulsory viewing for all concerned with Muslim terrorism.  I note, after my sojourn with delirium, there has been a further arrest in the sad case of Jo Yeates, this time of an un-named man we know the name of.  The bloke next door, it seems.


6 thoughts on “Plus ca change

  1. Good to see you back! The world has gone on in its usual stumbling way, even without your astute observations and comments – hard to credit!

    Watching the current course of events from abroad in my native Ireland, I’m reminded of the judgement of the original Irish Berlusconi, Charles Haughey: “Grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre, unprecedented,” a statement known since in Ireland as GUBU. Sometimes I think it could be applied to the whole world …

  2. Chris Jeffries of the blue rinse and criminal combover – the one who almost drowned during police waterboarding, sorry questioning, could be innocent after all.

  3. Since the UK’s CJS turf became hers, Gadget only requires a citizen’s name for discovery of any future proposals to issue a warrant.

  4. I am still very tired and have my tax return to enjoy in the next few days. One hopes Knacker has progressed from ‘eeny, meeny, miney mo’ on the usual suspects in the Jo Yeates’ case.

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