Ealing Broadway

Some vile scummo with a knife has clearly almost killed a constable and a PCSO.  The scrote has been nicked and will presumably not get bail, unlike those who attack neighbours and are sent back to live next door by magistrates and judges who know they will never live next door to them.  One wonders what the ratio of attacks like this to those on ordinary public are.  Police are at least partially equipped to withstand them.  Officers often think they are the front line, but I’m not so sure.

Good luck and swift recovery to the fine chaps involved.  I’d like to see the firing squad deal with the scum.  If justice follows that of similar attacks on ordinary people, he’ll get three years and be out in one, having threatened witnesses while he was out on bail before the trial.  He’ll be sent back to his old family and friends on account of idiot Lord Longford dross and be back to his old ways straight away whilst pretending to be a model reformee, perhaps even performing at some Community Crime Fighters jamboree as an exemplar of some feeble rehab scheme.  With luck, a decent cop will follow him home, nicking him for burglary on the way.

I’ve no doubt the scrote will be dealt with harshly and deserve it.  One wonders though why it is that these evil turds can’t be got at earlier in the system, from Baby P’s tormentors to those who kill.  I have no doubt now that our CJS is screwed.  Assange is kept in solitary while swine like this prowl free and an Indian guy who may have murdered his new wife is released because he ‘comes from good family’.  Meanwhile, good men nearly die on Ealing Broadway, trying to arrest a known villain.  These good men work alongside the likes of the police woman who didn’t attend an important visit to a woman murdered by a known murderer because she couldn’t find anyone to go with.  Good luck again to these lads I suspect to be the few amongst stuffed uniforms and suits.



7 thoughts on “Ealing Broadway

  1. Yes ACO, shame on all those who played any part in the premature release of such toxic slime.
    Gadget does her best to paint steadfast critics as totally anti-police but I am both saddened and angry by this news and I enjoin your wishes for the injured constable’s speedy recovery.

  2. Indeed Melvin – it seems to have started over a bus ticket. I tend to the belief that slack work by poor officers and our clown courts escalates the point at which such slime finally do enough to get nicked.

    • “..it seems to have started over a bus ticket. “

      It seems they were there assisting with a ticket check, yes, but this particular chappie was on parole, had broken his terms, and was on a recall, which is presumably why he resisted.

      God only knows why, since he was probably going to be let off that yet again!

  3. I too am shocked to hear this news. I wish both officers a swift and full recovery, indeed, I understand that the member of police staff has already been discharged from hospital.

    However, I think if you dig a little deeper, you will find that Julian Assange is being kept in isolation at his lawyer’s request.

  4. We no doubt all wish the officers the best Nathan. Assange’s lawyer hasn’t made this claim when I’ve been watching. Given they let out all kinds of recidivist and intimidatory crooks on bail, I can see no reason to bang him up at all.

  5. I’ll merely repeat what I said on Ellie Blogg’s post;
    The man who shot two of my colleagues and tried to kidnap Princess Ann in 1974 is still locked up after 36 – thats `thirty-six `years. But of course he was a nutter.

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