Monday Club Blues

I’m off to the pub later.  I don’t venture out much these days, other than to take the train to work and so on.  There are few people out worth the effort and I actually find the ‘booze mile’ intimidating.  If I can stand to stay out, I’ll end up the youngest of a bunch of old codgers remembering better days.  We’re all ex-cops or ex-squaddies or both.  A few lads on leave from Afghanistan will put up with us until they try their luck at the cheap student night, after a bit of counselling from me on what lines might work on the better looking ones from media studies.  Some of my students are coming for an end of term drink and a few colleagues will show willing to slag off the administration.  Such deep joy.

I know what the conversations will be and could script them.  I used to enjoy public space, but rarely do now, especially in the UK.  It’s not that I don’t go out unless working, it’s that I travel to do it to get away from what used to be community.  Xmas will be abroad, to get away from it, even if it means watching the Boxing Day Test on my laptop.  Still, I could get lucky.  One of the mature students is threatening to bring her elder sister to meet me.  Apparently we have a shared interest in rugby league and she saw me play as a child.  Probably wants her entrance fee back!


3 thoughts on “Monday Club Blues

  1. I have even withdrawn from my ‘local’ now, prompting my son to point out that I don’t have a single friend in the world!!!

  2. Well Archy`, at least you haven’t faux pas’d like yours truly, who declined an invite from my old `outfit`for a Xman dwinkie recently. The organiser had been stuck in Sheffield for the last 2 weeks due to ice, snow and pestilience, with no bin collections for a fortnight. I replied to his e mail invite in my usual merry way, to try and lift his spirits. Unfortunately, I hit `rely to all` (bloody reading glasses again) and his Director General wasn’t amused – Thought I’d share waht he found grubby and distasteful with you – sounds like I missed out on a real fun gathering lol

    Dear Titus,

    What a dreadful situation you are in! I am appalled at the state of poor old
    Steeltown. In southern North Yorkshire I can report that, overnight, we had
    a low. I blame myself for it, for not checking in the dark to see if the
    toilet seat was in the `up` position, but by the time I realised, it was too
    late. At least I warmed my own feet up, although the cat gave me a wide
    berth. As for the temperature, it got up to a giddy -5 yesterday. The road
    to the village where I work is only passable to non residents. Those who
    actually live there still dare not venture out in their Range Rovers,
    Freelanders, Land Rover Discovery’s and BMW X5’s, mainly because they can’t
    find the button that switches on the heated seats and steering wheel rim,
    but also because, to quote one of them, `its soooooo tricky in 3 inches of
    compacted snow darling, we simply MUST trade it in for a Hummer – just in
    case it lasts, or we’re attacked by the Muslins or whatever they’re called”.
    I have taken to cadging lifts in to work because, as you well know, I only
    have one-wheel-drive vehicles, albeit there are two of them in the garage
    and try as I might I can still only ride one at a time. hey ho.

    Do take care and please, no more popping out for a while, we want to see you

    Yours etc,

    `Scotty` of the ArseAntic

  3. It must be the attitude of cats towards our feet they find so distasteful Hog, probably imagining we kick out at the little beggars, rather than being tripped up near their food cupboard every time we venture in the kitchen to make a brew.
    It was a nice afternoon. I am now almost ‘compost mentis’ with a couple of old mates quartered on the sofas now the JD has run out and we are reduced to a stone flagon of Dutch gin I was saving to light next year’s barbecues with.
    My local resembles a middle eastern Jungle Bar Dickie – I don’t go.

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