Education, education, education – one word, three repeated lies

I first heard ‘education, education, education’ in East Germany (DDR) at some dreadful conference.  The academic was droning on and referring to a speech by a DDR politburo minister in the 1950s.  At dinner, a long way from prying ears, she apologised and told a very different story to the one for public consumption.  I didn’t see Blair in the DDR audience, but had the same reaction hearing him bleating out the same , though thankfully shorter speech years later.  There was no dinner for him to roll his eyes at me either, though he did that to us all at the drop of a hat.  The key element in Nulabour education planning concerned bullshit performance management, something they clearly did with crime figures and everything else.  To do this you create a well-paid nomenclature and make its well-paid interests match those of government targets.  ACPO is the paradigm case, but documentaries have revealed the same in health, care, schools and pretty much all sectors.

Against international standards, our schools are failing (OECD reports).  Yet we have been told they were improving.  More and more kids get qualifications, yet are really falling behind international standards on literacy and numeracy.  Crime is forever falling, yet no one really believes this.  No one really believes the educational bull either, with 8% of kids privately educated and loads more got into the right schools through house-buying and other dodges.

Finland has a much better school system than the UK.  There is no private education you can pay for there, everyone gets free school meals and education is genuinely comprehensive until 16.  Teachers are very well trained.  You can see, before we look at what they do in classrooms and getting kids out of them more often, that we have a very different culture.  This is also before we think of how much money we waste in sending so many to university.  Talk of copying the Finns is hapless unless we understand the aims of their education system and what they think society is about.

We now have people across our public sector paid to lie about its ‘success’.  The culture is one of juking statistics.  We have become stupidly millennial on leadership to the point where we will have to pay £200K for every head teacher to ensure standards across the nation.  Our responses look increasingly like the means of producing 10-fold crop yields under Mao – dumping all the fertiliser in one place for a success story whilst ignoring the general famine.  Bung a couple of million into Liverpool to do something about Cash-in-Transit robberies and cut them down to size, whilst they go up in Manchester and Cheshire.

We should be listening much more directly to teachers, cops, pupils and victims to get a proper hang on what the problems are, cutting out these ‘performance managers’ and their costs.  Instead, the only outlet is blogging.  I enjoyed my time in Finland and think their schools better than ours.  Their cops were less insular and more pleasant too.  Yet I’d also likely be dead from alcohol excess by now if I was a male Finn.  International comparisons require a lot of knowledge to be effective.  I should have asked whether many of their secondary schools were full of bullying louts from problem families that neither teachers nor police could deal with, or racial tensions.

We should be finding out what is wrong with our system before looking to Finland or Korea.  Our teachers will know most of it.  They need asking in a direct and confidential manner, not one that will expose them to an Ofsted black mark.  Our inspection culture needs to end, as it now involves one set of bureaucrats providing the ‘information’ another requires.  We see this across varieties of management by objectives systems, appraisals and other clapped-out dross that needs sweeping from our organisations.  It all started long before Nulabour and we have a generation of a hands-off, promoted class with no critical perspective and excellence attitudes that are patronising, arrogant and corrupt.

The aim should be to put our teachers back in charge of our schools, our police on our streets, people in work and recognise that we can tell whether this is all happening or not.  We need an end to fictional politics, even if the Finnish school model is attractive it is fictional to make out it can transfer here, and a distraction from the investigation needed into our own failings.


5 thoughts on “Education, education, education – one word, three repeated lies

  1. I can’t say I’ve ever sat through an Eastern Bloc education based speech, but I certainly recognised the `fear of blame` in this post. From my own perspective, I recognised how a culture of openness can develop a great team. If one of mine cocked up, they didn’t need sarge to tell them, because in most cases they already knew, it was those who didn’t realise it that needed the focus of my attention. A constructive, non threatening de-brief, where the question, “If you had to do that job again tomorrow, what would you do differently”? elicited more truth than an inquisition with the threat of punishment ever would. And in the interests of equality and self development, I would include myself and my own performance in said de-briefings. Once or twice it hurt, but the lessons learnt were priceless. The exposing of bad things, bad practice and bad results became a career within a career, from which cv’s could be enhanced with various `scalps`, rather than a constructive search for self-improvement/team improvement. I didn’t need a £200k a year super-head to make me do my job better, I just wanted to please sarge.

  2. Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics… You can prove any result you want if you massage the correct set of data in the correct manner and this has been the national failing for years. That and the ability to climb to the top on the back of someone else. Deal with the bad and bloody well leave the good alone to get on with the task… Oh how I love my pipe dreams!

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  5. All true Hog, though these days its complicated by dorks who talk like you and mean the opposite (no aspersions cast mate). In academe they were marked out by phrases like ‘we must put the students first’ and ‘ our business is the provision of a high quality learning environment’. My first sergeants looked after me like mother hens – it was four years before I met my first complete dork in uniform. In both police and university teaching the demise came with the arrival of the ‘managerial class’.
    I’d probably go further MrG – we don’t even collect the relevant data sets.

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