All Europe is less creditworthy

I found this somewhere in the Economist.  A number of figures I’ve been playing with in trying to work out quite where money is filched from national treasuries into the hands of crooks.  You can see in the above that the whole of Europe has been getting more of a risk over the last ten years.  I’m not sure how the graph was put together, but it’s interesting that the ‘basket case’ Spain does not seem worse, but rather better than the UK.  Our situation is different as we can devalue and print money on our own.

I’m not getting as far as I’d like in establishing links between ‘crime’ and the disasters in finance.  There are some to be found concerning betting on property, but I’m still a bit short of information to start modelling.  One can see the beginnings of a number of scams, but paper trails run out.  It’s all clearer in the USA.

I’ve worked in all the countries in the graph or with people from them in projects.  My impression is that the further towards the good end you get, the less hours you have to work for real to get reasonably paid, and the less you have to hang around pretending to do something.  Policing is generally better too.  Interesting, in some way I’m not sure of, that this credit worthiness thing went down everywhere.  We used to ass0ciate this with balance of payment problems.  Not sure what I’m on to, if anything.


2 thoughts on “All Europe is less creditworthy

  1. Maybe our recent immigation limits have stuffed things for us. Perhaps it’s down to people trafficking and fag smuggling after all?

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