Excuses, excuses

‘We conclude that the CEO discourse is characterized by expressions of regret, attempts to articulate alignment with others affected by the crisis and dissociation from the events being scrutinized, in order to avoid direct culpability for the crisis and invoke instead the spectre of impersonal global events which mitigates personal responsibility. We therefore characterize the discourse studied as an example of apology avoidance, and consider the constraints on apology which senior CEOs evidently feel they face.’

The above is from a recent academic study of bankers statements on the disaster.  I’m not sure it really gets anywhere.  The Japanese have there own ‘excuses, excuses’ rituals – they say the same, but are expected to cry and demonstrate emotion.  We all know the creeps excusing the latest mess should really be falling on their swords, or preferably have just had their last party with a bottle of scotch and a pistol.  Instead, they potter off to Barbados on big pensions.

In this context we have Maxwell in North Yorkshire.  On current reports, he managed to put a relative or relatives names on a call back list over coppers’ jobs.  Maybe there is more – if not, what on earth is so dire about this when we don’t even get apologies from the utterly dire and let them retire in great wealth when they’ve stolen what we had?

The Maxwell saga suggests we could cut police pay in half and still attract applicants.  Someone else will have noticed.


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