An example of complex social enquiry (why are we fat)

We are basically told we are fat because we eat and drink to much and are lazy bastards.  Of course, if we eat less than a certain amount of calories, we lose weight.  You can actually kill yourself by eating just rabbit (as much as you like), if you don’t eat anything else.  Fat isn’t good for us, so you have to wonder what evolution is doing to us.

The link shows a number of things to look at on obesity.  Now we can’t get away with racism, we have fatism.  We like blaming people for what they can’t do much about.  It seems many things may be responsible, like viruses, grandparents (epigenetics) and so on.  Animals around us are getting fatter too – and its not just down to eating our rubbish – it may be in the water.

We could do with some scientific approaches to ‘what’s wrong with our CJS, economics’ and so on.


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