Not Another Royal Wedding

Royal weddings should take place before my birth or after my death.  Sadly, I have not been able to enforce this on behalf of sensible citizens everywhere.  I don’t give a damn and will switch off, hoping to miss  it all.  Had this “news” not leaked out, I suspect the Chandlers would be back earlier than this.  Another reason not to be British.


9 thoughts on “Not Another Royal Wedding

  1. I feel the pain. In the office where I am currently whoring out my talents, this `news` was followed by a flurry of incoming telephone calls from mothers passing on the breaking news to their daughters (my work colleagues). It was puke-inducing. I wonder if I’ll ever make full use of my Canadian citizenship? Trouble is the Royals have as much airtime over there as well. Perhaps I can become a Jock? Grandad was a Seaforth Highlander, I must look into it.

  2. I can claim birthright (Alloa). Sadly, Jockesses are into the vapidity like gannets to entrails. My car insurance is up for renewal and I made the mistake of leaving my real phone number with the Meercats. One cretin phoned just now, giving me the excited news before I could slam the phone down. I’ve left a rather nasty message on voicemail now, so tasteless a couple of mates have emailed thumb’s-up signs to me!

  3. How nice, the Firm is providing a new circus for the masses. Paying their debts to British society by ensuring a tourism boom next year.

    The report from the palace stated that the prince had asked permission of Ms Middleton’s father – how quaint! Will Charles be demanding jus primae noctis?

  4. Hope they get married in London, I’m fed up with standing on a road in Windsor watching all the Saxe-Coburg & Gotha clan canter past.

  5. I caught today’s ‘Daily Politics’ and they already have a souvenir mug. They wheeled this on just as some guy was getting interesting on the collapse of Lancashire and Cumbria under anti-manufacturing Toryism.

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