Chandlers freed – now the ordeal starts for the rest of us

We caught the news of the release of the Chandlers at lunch-time.  It was really pleasing to see this ordinary couple walk away from their ordeal with Somali pirates.  The pirates used to be fishermen who had their livelihood screwed by foreign boats that destroyed breeding beds and so on.  That’s one story anyway.  I’d go and see, but the pirates would get me.  I not sure what the Chandlers were doing when they got caught, and have even wondered if they were bait of some kind in a plan that went wrong.  I don’t really care.  What I can be assured of is that I will have to miss out on news coverage for 3 or 4 days, as rolling news presents a load of old hat about the Chandlers as ‘breaking news’.  They are free – good, I wanted to know.  That’s all I want to know from rolling news.  Leave the rest for a piece on the news at ten and a later documentary.

Instead, the rolling news programmes will drone on and on and on and on.  By tea-time, some vapid academic therapist will be on, being asked if the couple need counselling.  By then, I will need medicinal alcohol.  I won’t be reading their story, though I would like to know if the ransom paid is more or less than that paid for the exclusive rights.


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