We Are All Doing Wrong Things But Muslims Need TO Grow UP

Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan 'for blasphemy'

The woman above is a Christian Pakistani sentenced to death by clown Muslims for blasphemy.  It is impossible to conceive of genuine Islam permitting this.  This link to the Telegraph shows the faces of ardent young Muslim men who probably burned a poppy.  I actually agree there should be no Crusades  and that our brave soldiers are engaged in false and unjust wars.


What might be an impressive course of action would be for these young Muslim men to involve themselves in freeing the woman above and sorting Pakistan out so that people could live free lives there – that’s lives free of “Islam” too, if people so choose.  Would these men volunteer for that?  Sadly, they look more like the kind of clown their own people refer to in derogative manner as ‘Jihadis’.

I might just have been mad enough to travel to fight in the Spanish Civil War had I been young (or born) when it happened – with what I know now I would not have gone.  The vile creatures we elect or get placed in Parliament revolt me.  They are worse, in many respects, as the uneducated who leave home to become Taliban, maybe these poppy-burning lads and they create the incompetence-based, rich-biased non-society that prays to the invisible hands of economics (this is an Idol created by the rich).  Clown Muslims need to realise they are as deluded as anyone else.  All of us, in some way need to fess-up to what is really going on.  Multi-cultural dialogue and politically correct piss just can’t work.  The Clown Muslims believe they can lie to infidels – we infidels should hardly be shocked as we should know diplomacy is war by other means.

What we lack is a means to express what we really feel and think we know to each other that is honest.  If we could develop this we might stop violent protest or even what I assume are the oil and drugs Crusades going on now.  The woman above may not be Helen of Troy, but in a way is reason to distrust Islam.  This said, I regard the trial and imprisonment of Frances Inglis as just as bad.  I wonder whether the real problem is that all our societies are run by vile bureaucrats and priests?

Our laws are generally not very good and lead to more injustice than necessary.  I believe Frances Inglis (http://www.solicitorsjournal.com/story.asp?sectioncode=2&storycode=17265&c=1&eclipse_action=getsession) is an example of our own problems and feel rather the same about her as the woman pictured above.  I cannot see that Frances was in her right mind and that murder is at all relevant to what she did.  I would have stopped her, but the idea of court and jail for such a person offends me as the Muslim treatment of women offends me.  Many Muslims, of course, have moved beyond clown-dominant-male perversions – we should all move beyond the perversion of law that charged and imprisoned Frances Inglis.  What she did was a horrible blunder; yet who was charged with letting the ambulance door open three times and causing the real damage to her son?  Was that just a bungle too?

All our societies need to grow up.  Our laws are too rigid, still trapped in religion (much European law is Muslim in origin, especially where tolerance is involved) of the wrong kind and lead to moral fuckwittery and huge payments to lawyers and judges that might breach Magna Carta 39-41.  Our own judges may be no better than the tribal ones who sentenced the poor soul above.  We should not put poor souls in jail.

I would wear a white ‘no more war’ poppy with the Muslim group; but would they seek, with me to free two poorly treated women?  Years ago, some of my best students were Iranian Marxists, both boys and girls.  Marxism is mostly crap, but the freedom they wanted and their passion for it was not.  Many Muslims I’ve met know the Mullahs are monkeys on the backs of freedom and in the way of some kind of settlement with secular society.  I do say Muslims need to grow up; yet somehow we all have to see the perpetual childhood we are held in.  Given the choice between 2 for 1, 3 for 2 and everything gift-wrapped and advertised in sex I ain’t going to get and never really wanted, and a quiet spot in the desert, I go for the sand every time.  If someone comes up to me and says ‘Atheism is crap’ they commit no crime.  This is how it should be.  My beliefs are up to ridicule and insult – I am strong enough to bear that and reply if I think it worthwhile.  Religion is always either an internalist account or ludicrous.  There should be no crime in saying such.  We should remove all religion from our laws and let the Muslims grow up.  We should also recognise our own dumb decisions.  There is no more need for Frances Inglis to be in prison as the lovely woman pictured.  Any ‘need’ there is is in the spleens of old men who wear silly hats.  A judge is pictured below.  They look much like this around the world, from Swat Valley to the Old Bailey.  The first big city was at Uruk in Mesopotamia – but the English invented soccer and look how useless they are at that now.  In Bahrain I was asked how the average people might be better off and able to live without the dribble of oil wealth the King and his mates let through.  They didn’t like what I had to say but respected me for saying it and speaking truth as believed instead of polite diplomacy.  We all knew I wouldn’t have said it in Saudi.  ConDoomed will do nothing for the economy other than some damage.  Perhaps they could grow up and get rid of speech crime offences in the land of the free?

Typical clown makeup

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