The Frances Inglis Case Shames Us All

A woman kills her son, crippled by a farcical accident in which he was nearly killed by ambulance staff.  The lad is in a condition that, if I shared it, I would want a brave mother or friend to see me off.   Mum is forced to OD him on heroin. Mercy killings may be illegal in this brackish backwater country sinking to third world status, but we by no means consider them unjust.  Men screaming on battlefields have often been dispatched by friends as well as cut-throats.  I want to  go out in a civilised manner myself, rather than as a senile wreck causing unnecessary work and pain for others.

Why can we not vote for mercy killing?  Who takes it upon themselves to put a grieving mother through what must be the torture of trial over this crap.  She’s a good woman who did her duty by the son she loved, already taken from her by blundering jerks (what happened to them, wherever they lie in the chain of command?).  I begin to believe our legal system is useless, other than in supporting vast and unearned sinecures for a bunch of heartless turds who get a kick out of forcing this kind of agony on the innocent prepared to do the right thing.

The woman should be released immediately – massive sackings across the legal system should follow.  The Home Secretary should investigate whether (and how many) anyone had died because Frances was in jail, taking up the space needed to keep a Moat or other nutter off the streets.

Frances Inglis may have done something wrong.  I suspect the opposite.  Why on Earth our idiot and cruel system had to treat her in this vile manner I wish I didn’t know – but I  do.  Britain has had it.  We are bureaucratic turds from the gits in wigs down to the jobsworth Jobcentre Plus.  None of them can see just how disgusting it is to treat a woman in these circumstances to themselves.  What are we doing treating a woman like this to our vile legal system at all?  Where go the corporate killers and most of | Parliamentary thieves?  Frances needed a caring environment, not this crap.  Shame on the judges  and us all.  We should crawl back under our rocks and let the Chimps get on with forming a decent planet.

Moons back, I was sitting drinking tea as a Docks’ prostitute admitted her kids had not gone missing and that she had drowned them in the canal. She was not evil.  I’d had to send some crass police woman who wanted to beat the confession out of her away.  I’d bet this poor, depressed woman would get much worse treatment today.  We aren’t human anymore.  Is it a disease?  There are times when not to break the law is the sin and when the ‘murder’ is not the responsibility of the ‘murderer’.  There are better and more sophisticated legal systems than ours, doing a better job.  For all our ‘Great Britishness’, we’d be better off German, Dutch, Danish or Swedish.

Instead of a politics that sorts out vital stuff like mercy killing, we are so dumb we think we vote on “economics”.  Even with the ConDoomed cuts, out national debt is going up.  ZaNulabour would not have put it up any more, and maybe less if the Japanese example is anything to go by – they now wish they had maintained public spending.  The disgrace in Frances’ case is ours.  We were not there for her in her and her son’s time of need.  How can we be so dumb as not to get the law and services sorted for cases like this, and even dumber to think we should vote on a subject we know nothing about?  Call ourselves human, civilised – the barbaric Romans would have done a better job for Frances and her son.

It’ so bad now, I almost feel the overwhelming swoon of the terrorist religious cult.  Only I can see the truth, the one god and all that jive turkey.  The sort of stuff that allows Muslims to kill Muslims because they aren’t really Muslims (Qubt Wahhabi).  I don’t do that crap, but I do come round to the idea our system is so screwed by bureaucrats only violence will change it.  Our real means of change – honest public argument and a scientific world view and money we can trust to reward effort – has become dire, polite and crap spin.  There were twee old ladies 100 years ago who asked if polite society was really polite – how it came to be able to look down on others and not reflect on itself.  How I wish I could transport them to the present, arm them with umbrellas and let revolution take its course.

Good luck Frances.


6 thoughts on “The Frances Inglis Case Shames Us All

  1. Your writing in the matter of this unfortunate women has really hit a resonant chord with me.
    I’ll look forward to any follow up information that you post.
    My best wishes go out to you and certainly to Frances in her struggle.
    Atlanta, Georgia

  2. Unfortunately for us, according to the arrogant shits that run this country, you and I cannot make our own decisions in life any more. We apparantly need to be led by the nose by our lords and masters because they know better than us. Frankly, if the level of competence I see in parliament (no capital intended) is rife and it seems to be, along with corruption and yobbish behaviour, I feel that our FIRST step is to euthanise these idiots and then let the majority decide. I used to believe that a democracy represented the populus but instead it just represents corrupt, theiving, verminous lowlifes who beleive that they are above the law.

    Viva la Revolution………………

  3. I am a old lady with an umbrelle !! Yes let the revelution begin . I lost my Son when he was just 24 years old.
    Had the Hospital decided to keep him alive, I would have faced the same heartbreak that “”FRANCES INGLIS”” has had to face and the desperation caused to her to bring her sons suffering to a close.

    Medics are permitted the “”choice”” to extend a life they know can not suppurt itself without artificial intervention from them. The judge who takes such a high tone of moral indignation toward the one person who’s love is beyond doubt for her son, regardless of the outcome to herself. FORGETS his humanity !! and the laws of nature along with the hospital who would have that younge man back to suffer in silence.

    I know in my heart as millions do that Francis Inglis acted as a Mother toward her son and did the best for him.

    Who ever your God is , he is a God of LOVE.

    I know whatever JUDGEMENTS are made against Frances. They are and should be as nothing to her, knowing her Son does not suffer is all that counts in the final. I hope our support and love will see her through to better times and a reunion with her family , so they can heal from the loss they have all suffered.

    Let those who stand in judgment against her reach a better understanding of how they have compounded a tragidy and made it far worse for all those who loved and lost s lovely young man.

    With love and support to you Francis and your family.

  4. How right you all are. Frances Inglis had the courage to do what was best for her loving son.
    I write to Frances regularly at her open prison and do my best to lighten her suffering at the hands of this idiotic judicial system. HMP Bronzefield in Ashford kent is an open prison but is still far too much a punishment for an honest decent mother. why don’t you all write to Frances and offer her a few words of comfort. Also write to the Home Secretary and tell him how wrong this incaceration of Frances is.

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