So Now They Are Sending The Poor North?

This Government is already as piss poor as the last – they just haven’t been round long enough for most to have learned to hate them yet.  Buck up and get on with it people – we have to beat this old trick of promising change and doing the same old, same old.  These politicians can be trusted as little as recidivist druggie-crooks promising to go straight.

The correct response to capping housing benefit at £400 a week should be to ask how, why and what the fuck was going on to allow it in the first place.  I was once very well off in London compared with mates I played cricket with.  A central London flat came with my job at peppercorn rent – worth about the same as my salary before thinking of outgoings, which were also paid for.  I wasn’t an academic back then, but if I was in London as one now (paid less than back then) at the same age, I couldn’t dream of the flat on rent or mortgage now or then.

It looks as though we have been paying £2000 a month in housing benefits quite regularly.  Who has been shot?  No one it appears!  Who is making money or gaining other unearned privilege out of all this?  Are the houses in good order, or shit-holes reserved for DWP?  Have these and other questions been asked?  Up North, decent accommodation can be found for around £500 a month for the kind of houses our working families live in, and there are plenty of lets at less.  Too many landlords are Rackman.  If these poor are coming North, can we ask how many will be recent immigrants or black?

Has no one noticed the poor have already been drifting North and have already filled-up our social housing (which includes the shit end of the private letting)?  It is rare to see a ‘white’ face (I would include many of our long-time Asians in this) in our town centre, except at weekend.

Jobs at the rates of pay available rarely get people on housing ladders.  If you are lucky, you get a social landlord house or flat away from noisy, dangerous druggie thieving scrote.  This takes £60 from a take-home of £180 for 40 hours and you’ll now3 also need £20 for council tax.  So you have £100 less your bus-train-taxi fares  and need clothes and shoes and lunch-coffee.  You might be left with £70 a week – but remember, some get much more than this on benefits with everything else paid.  Don’t get ill either, as prescription charges are for each item.

One assumes the New Northerners  won’t be competing for jobs in this economy!

The answer, if London is full, is to create jobs away from London.  Most of our other cities have been left to rot – look at Liverpool from peak in 1930 to now.  Our brilliant East-European neighbours are actually neighbours and it’s harder to think of better.  They work, are friendly, have great, respectful, lively kids … and, of course, it wouldn’t matter a damn what colour-ethnicity they were, though, as we’ve already holidayed with there family back home, some Fijians might come in handy!  I might prefer my friend Francis (not really ex mad monk quite) for deep conversations, but we’d probably find time for that living in separate countries as we do, if bothered.  I wonder how much of the new exodus will prove anywhere near as good as our current neighbours?

In Paris, they gave most of the city away to whites at cheap rents, though square-footage was always at a premium.  The French for suburb means ‘foreign infested shit-hole slum’.  Maybe this is what ConDom intends?

The answer is for the rest of us to withdraw from London.  I’d nuke the place now our daughter has left for safer pastures (Israel!).  We wouldn’t miss any of it (I’m thinking thought experiment here – I don’t approve mass murder).  We have anything we missed up and running in a few days.  The undergraduate sheep in Parliament would not be missed at all – we might even discover just what blocks to any progress they are.  Let’s take everything London does away from it.  Then people will leave on their own initiative, or stay at Scotland Road, Liverpool rent levels.  I would even venture to say that I doubt most of the work done in Londoomed is private sector – I suspect most of it is financed by government transactions and would not be in London if we moved the government.

Wake up people – even if you shared my hatred of Nulabour, you must see these creeps are already as bad and that they can’t think anything through – even the cuts have just been done by looking at spreadsheets = just like the dullest undergraduates they are still doing case-studies and haver no clue or connection with the real thing and innovation.

London should not be able to bail itself out like this.  It’s time to let it rot like Liverpool.  It’s too expensive, so we should take away its business.  Free markets dictate that we need efficient government and infrastructure such as transport that can move and housing.  This cockarsed Government should send out the jobs first.


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