Gormless Response To Sexual Abuse At Little Ted’s Nursery

The executive summary of the serious case review of Little Ted’s Nursery in Plymouth at which some foul slag abused kids for some Internet buddy can be found at:


It does not contain much on the actual abuse, but rather seeks to evade blame or stick it on Ofsted.  Clearly written by a cretin, it offers no hope that this country will get off its knees and rid itself of the miasma of self-serving town hall and public sector clots who fanny about wasting our money.  This all needs much more thoroughgoing investigation than just letting those in charge cut the people we probably need.

My reading of the report is that the nursery was set up illegally.  I would want to see all the accounts and would think criminal charges should have been brought even if the lame-brained vile creature had never worked there.  I suspect the crooks may have done the writing up – one can’t judge without more evidence, but a fortune may have been made from this place.  Read the report – it’s a great example of all that is wrong with this country.  The manager of the place appears to have been some local worthy onto a good thing.  The report hardly dares venture, but she was a woman getting money for fostering kids she was taking to the nursery, getting her staff to take these kids to visit parents and god knows what else was going on.  The Council just played along and various of its agencies should be broken up as useless.  They have admitted they would have closed the place down if it had been local authority run, but can’t see this is precisely why they should all resign, not pretend lack of communicative protocols were to blame.

No answers are to be found against this kind of rot by banning mobile phones from nurseries – vile monsters would clearly find ways of evading such control.  Social workers with postgraduate qualifications have proved incapable  of whistle-blowing, as has Inspector Gadget, a battle-hardened ex-squaddie and fairly senior cop.  The report reads like a pastiche of every excuse on ‘lesson learning’ we have heard for more than 20 years.  One suggestion put forward by these lame-brains is ‘value-based interviewing’ – the very kind of rot paedophile psychopaths would be better at answering than the rest of us – they even manage to be three times more likely to get paroled than ‘ordinary decent criminals’.

There was no “management” at this nursery, only a manager.  It wasn’t private, but third sector and appears to have had no trustees.  The important case here has been over-looked entirely, no doubt because the investigation was done by the very people who should be ‘found guilty’.


3 thoughts on “Gormless Response To Sexual Abuse At Little Ted’s Nursery

  1. (I found your blog via a link at Ambush Predator.) Thanks for linking this, I have printed it off to read it properly.

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