Singing Policeman Under Investigation

A barrister gone loopy with a drink problem gets shot by cops after hours of messing about in large numbers.  There appear to be some serious issues on over-kill, clown negotiation and leaving a woman an baby next door scared.  So what do we investigate – some harmless pratting about by a cop giving evidence!  Elsewhere we find Cumbria police could do firearms licensing checks.  Around the country serious bungling and money-wasting, not to say corruption goes without investigation.  Time to scrap PSDs and IPCC, perhaps fining senior officers in the same a few years of bonus payments.  A new civilian crew with some elected people could replace it all and be charged both with preventing management excesses against officers and with open investigations of police wrong-doing.  Cops would cease to have any input into what gets investigated.


5 thoughts on “Singing Policeman Under Investigation

  1. “…. A new civilian crew with some elected people could replace it all….”

    What some of us would not give to machete our way through that thick jungle, ACO.

  2. Problem is, as the lawyers will point out, it’s not harmless. It calls into question his evidence, and may mean a new inquest has to be held.

    An utterly stupid thing to have done, if indeed it has happened as the MSM seem to think.

  3. More worrying, surely, is how the knowledge of the prank came to the attention of the top brass.

    Who then felt duty-bound to initiate the inevitable witch-hunt….

  4. This kind of thing is done for bets and the prank is in The Choirboys in one form or another. Much else more important calls police evidence into question such as how often they seem to have been lying when CCTV turns up. CPS and the whole CJS often look ludicrous under public scrutiny as in Nico Bento. It seems a bollocking was not thought enough in this one, yet in more serious cases they refuse to investigate and so on.

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